The new flag of Myron in Vitebsk

Vitebsk oppositionist Boris said Khamaida Radio Liberty, that of the tested sources he understood the contents of the note attached to the flag. In it is written: "I am very grateful to everyone who helped conduct" White-red-white marathon ", devoted to the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. Glory to the heroes of the BNR! Let the memory live forever about them! Follow my campaign in Vitebsk held on May 14, a day to be ashamed of the referendum in 1995. Myron. "
Miron declared "white-red-white marathon", during which 18 flags were hung in honor of BNR, held in Vitebsk for almost 3 months — since the beginning of this year in Freedom day March 25. Militiamen over and over again trying to track down and arrest the one who hangs out flags on behalf of Myron, but he remains elusive. Tags: white-red-white, Myron, marathon

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