The new missile system «Frontier» will be on alert by the end of the year

The new missile system
Our homeland before the end of the year put on combat duty new strategic missile mission, the deployment of the first regiment will begin in 2014, said the head of operational management of the Head of the General Staff Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky. On Friday, June 7, 2013, was V.Zarudnitsky meeting between President Vladimir Putin and officers on the occasion of their destiny to higher positions and assigning them a higher military ranks.
«Under the approved construction plan your Russian armed forces yesterday evening made a promising test launch rocket system» Ultimate » with intercontinental ballistic missile over-shooting accuracy, «- said V. Zarudnitsky, speaking at the meeting.

According to him, during the startup process was worked out «new combat equipment.»

He noted that it is the fourth launch of a series of tests of this missile system. «The results are evaluated as successful launch, all units have gained purpose. To end the test still requires holding the 1st launch, planned for the current year. After that missile «Limit» will be adopted for the purpose of strategic rocket forces. Initial deployment of the first missile regiment provided since 2014, «- said the representative of the General Staff.

V. Zarudnitsky added that at the present time are working to establish the respective infrastructure is preparing personnel shakeup and crews. «Hopefully missile will own greatly enhanced, compared with the existing complexes, abilities and overestimated maneuverable features that greatly expand the potential of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces to meet the challenges of strategic deterrence,» — he concluded.

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