The opposition wants to make the control of the executive branch

Co-Chair of the UDF Anatoly Lebedko sure: only public control over the executive branch does not allow her to impale people:
"The main idea of the message — the people’s control, the control of society over the power of what we do not have 14 years. Authorities there itself for itself. She monopolized entirely in his own hands all. A Belarusian citizens almost turned into subservient, without rights, with only some obligations.
Today no one holds power under control — no parliamentary control or law enforcement organizations. No and monitoring public side. These deficiencies must be corrected. "
Political analyst Vladimir Rovdo considers such an approach positive:
"Because, really, in democratic countries, the executive is subject to legislative. And there are control mechanisms — for example, economy, money and many others.
In Belarus, it’s all taken away from Parliament in 1996. Because become powerless. And all this must be corrected. Lukashenko even if 10 days reversed presented his message, mentioned that even he means something in the future in this regard vary, redistribute opportunities. But in an uncertain future. "
Sovereign Rovdo notes convey the idea of control over the executive branch opposition deputy candidates will be very difficult. And here’s why:
"All the same, the Belarusian population belongs to this completely flegmantichno. It does not think, forWhat is necessary, Parliament to exist, that he worried the president and the executive branch. Most of our people are politically passive and politically illiterate. They just do not know how it should all be in a real situation.
This proposal, I think, excellent. But, unfortunately, there is no mechanism for its implementation. "
The draft message SLM says: "Even one deputy elected from the United Democratic Forces in House of Representatives, be able to prevent injustice and unfairness. And the presence of several deputies will allow to establish strict control over the actions of the authorities. "

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