The president of the Golden Vityaz not find pocket money …

"Vitebsk proletarians"At 1938 prints by Stalin’s speech to the workers of the higher school at a reception in the Kremlin: "Who is not clear what Papanina Papanin and in his own work on the Arctic ice floe drifting in passing, without much difficulty, knocked The old idea of the Arctic, as ustarevshae and installed new, according to the requirements of the true Science! .. I read about science. But science is all. The science that I read is called an advanced science. "
"Fatherland"On This week in 1958 he says: "Taking formally syanneshnyaya BSSR has no affiliation with the Russian Ukraine, announced in 1919 for the same reasons that the first Belarusian Russian republic was called not BSSR, but Russian Socialist Republic of Belarus, as well as in the period between liquidation Russian Socialist Republic of Belarus and the proclamation of the BSSR was these same Bolshevik declared entirely new municipal work — so called Lithuanian-Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. "
This week 1998 Tomkovich, Alexander writes in "Free news » About the Festival "Golden Knight": "Revolving Burlyaev ticket to Moscow paid all the same" BelarusFilm. "The president of the" Golden Knight ", apparently, there was no pocket money … Later, however, responsive Belarusians learned that from the Russian budget Burlyaev spent as much as 6 billion (starenkyh!) rubles! Specifically to conduct "Golden Knight". That usvoy where Prince and the Pauper where. "

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