The process of 14. Memories of a day or a third

How to evaluate a day or three of these actors and what sentence they rely?
Anton Koipish"Fully likely option that Andrei Kim released. Total Kim collapsed right thing 100 percent. Next she simply have nowhere to fall apart. Our common cause is also absolutely collapsed.
The process is similar to a farce. The first time I experienced this, I’ve never hitherto not tried. Referee more plays a role, almost another prosecutor. Even the prosecutor have to do almost nothing to do, the referee instead of him doing everything. "
Vladimir Sergeev"The charge against Andrei Kim was scattered, there is no logic in his accusations. Everything is so confusing that it is clear and what hand he thrashed at what point belabored. Both the Tipo victim confused and generally showed rudeness — did not come to much part of the process.
As for the charges against us, the first thing fabrykavalasya, vysmoktvalasya from a finger, and now somehow try to bring it to its logical end. But these tests are not very accurate: fuzzy video, confusion witnesses. It’s all on what the allegation. Would expect mon .. I believe that everything will be fine — Andrew released and we will myagenkie sentences. "
Misha Kryvau"I do not believe that the tribunal held impartially. Referee led this tribunal with such an accusatory manner. In a civilized country we would be justified because of a criminal crime no. We now viewed videos, and they again confirmed that the rally was peaceful demonstrators behaved peacefully in a civilized manner. "
Alexander Chernyshev"Until now, it is unclear how it all ends. Nobody even theoretically can not say that for us to invite the prosecutor. Eyewitnesses unclear where did. Video clips were, clipping, and it is unclear how such videos can be in the case file. We look forward to the best. "
Alexey Bondar"The prosecution is falling apart. Example, Andrei Kim there is no evidence and the testimony of witnesses is contradictory. Same goes for us. This video clipping, these clips of anything can not read, and even more so to be a confirmation of our guilt. Meeting can not be impartial .
We will not justify — it is of course. Another thing that you can hope for a fine. I hope that all will be fines. The acquittal authorities will not ever, because this is an acknowledgment of its error. Based on the experience of previous years, when it is a political process, although it is fine, but give. "
Ales Streltsov"I do not think that I will justify or give a date. I am very calm about this. We viewed all confirm — there is practically nowhere to be seen me. What I flashed here and there in the mass, it is impossible to characterize as some active actions. unclear on what basis can give me a general verdict. Same or others, if visible, a number of multi-million crowd. "
Misha Pashkevich"We are waiting for the release of Andrei Kim. Indeed, what we have seen, those 10-15 minutes, which must justify the blame Andrew assured us in working. Andrei after watching this tape ozdorovel, and he had a desire to win. Already over 3 days silly wasting our time. Essentially it is time to apply to the court for traffic police officers for negligence and incompetence. Indeed, we have seen on the tape — the traffic police showed transport to go live on the column. " Tags: process, the 14 accused, memories

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