The regime shows its power

Tsigankov: "Of course, that action on March 27 against journalists had a pronounced fashion sense. It is impossible to imagine that the KGB who vlamvalisya apartment journalists and radio cabinets, want somehow advance the cause of those famous cartoons. So makarom, The idea was to convey some message of someone within the country and abroad. What? "

Mackiewicz: "Yes, you’re right. This action, message, message of that. Concerned. Still unwilling to say what authority?" We give again indicate who the owner in the country. And if the country doing somethingcamping, it is only because we decided so — and not because you have to press and forced. Wish — releasing political prisoners and wish — new plant. None of your sanctions, protests we can not decree. "This is the main meaning of the message."
Tsigankov: "But it is first focused inside the country or foreign partners?"
Mackiewicz: "First, to foreigners, to those with whom the current regime seeks to negotiate. Many international members of the official Belarusian understand only the language of force. Because Iran, Venezuela, China’s regime is showing its strength. But — as the brain is not enough — they think that also argue and Europeans. makarom So, they show who is in control of the situation in the country — "we and we alone." Say, if you want to deal with Belarus, deal specifically with us, since we — the true masters of the country. In this and the message of ".
Tsigankov: "The actions of the last 2-days — is some tactical move so to speak specific course of trade with the West or return to the harsh policy of repression that was previously. "
Mackiewicz: "No. I could be wrong, but I think that it does not indicate a change in policy over the past 2 years. This is completely in the logic of the case, which is typical for this mode. They do not change the policy, they simply add arguments to their own position. They think that through this can better bargain with Europe "

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