The scientists set out to explore the polar bear population

A group of scientists National Park "Russian Arctic" and the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic went to explore the polar bear population and Red Book mammals 

Studies are held in a joint project with the Russian Geographic Society. The expedition to the islands of the Arctic will continue until September 5.

"The scientists put the task on maps of the habitats in the archipelago populations of rare mammals and polar bears in the sanctuary," Franz Josef Land, "- said the head of the scientific research expeditions Maria Gavrilo. — It will allow in the future to develop a methodological framework to track their seasonal distribution. "

For this purpose, will be held naval, including submarine and terrestrial research on the islands of Hooker, Northbrook, Apollonova, brooches, Jackson, Hoffman, Hayes, Alger and Eva-Liv.

The data obtained will be used to study the behavior of the species, improve the methods of protection of rare mammals, their habitats, and to develop measures for the conservation of populations.

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