The successful experience of the development of tourism in the village of Murmansk

Varzuga — a small village on the bank of the Terek White Sea (Murmansk region). Thanks to the enterprising local businessmen former collective farm"The shoots of communism" is annually visited by about 1,000 foreigners. Another 2500-3000 licenses for sports fishing farm produces Russian fishermen who prefer to come to Varzuga "savage."

In 1990, an enterprising farmer Soviet — Sviatoslav Kalyuzhin bought a few army tents and opened on the banks of the Varzuga first private tourist camp. Its main clients were the "savages" who were paid $ 50-80 per week, while in neighboring Norway such pleasure was worth at least $ 1,500. Kalyuzhin decided to lure Western tourists and arranged a study tour of European companies involved in the organization of recreational fishing. Of the dozens of guests to the village Varzuga got only two — the owner of British tour operator Roxton Bailey Robinson Worldwide, Christopher Robinson and his deputy Charlie White. But this pair was enough: he saw that the fish in Russia you can literally catch your hands, Robinson signed a contract with the collective farm and obtained exclusive rights to sell the tours in the UK.

To fish in the rivers has not been translated, decided to make a bet on fishermen udyaschih "fly fishing" and on a "catch and release". This method of catching fish does not cause any harm.

When I asked, what is the system of power at all — or that the village council, I somehow vaguely replied: "We — the Chairman." In general here, "fish" refers solely to salmon, everything else — it's not a fish. Even the pink salmon: while it's in the sea, it can still be there, but as went into the river — it is all thrown away. The President runs the whole thing. A sort of a local chieftain, therefore, I think it would be appropriate to write it with a capital letter. This farm in the Murmansk port has six pieces of fishing vessels.

Built a school, a hotel, a restaurant. Hardworking together with the Chairman of irony called "breadwinner." Indeed, in contrast to the unemployed neighborhood, the people working here provided.

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