The thing about trying to slow the human shield?

The victims do not exclude that case try to slow down, so that the traffic police, who made "human shield" to avoid responsibility.
Minsk Regional Police to This time not start finding Roman Mentyukov against which even instituted March 17 criminal case for the tragedy that happened on March 2 track Mikashevichy — Minsk.
I recall an incident known under the title "human shield" because of the traffic police to stop the drunk driver Mentyukov, put across the highway personal cars.
March 18, along with his wife, Olga, who also is involved in the incident, Roman Mentyukov left to shoot the TV show "Let they say" in Moscow and did not return to Belarus. After a few days, journalists became clear that the couple wanted Mentyukov not announced. "There’s no need, because the investigator experience with their role postponed due to bad weather," — explained while "Freedom" Shunkevich Alexander, managing the press service of the Minsk regional police.
On April 2, the same institution said: "At this time, the search Mentyukov not announced." Meanwhile, by Yuri victim Pashkevich, investigators had already refused to conduct investigative experience in highway Mikashevichy — Minsk, about which readand a week back.
"Said that on Thursday-Friday it will be, but without the on-site visit. Summoned him to office to chart the incident where someone was and what happened . "
The department council accidents regional police where investigating the incident, did not answer me, will be held on remand experience and why the police did not Mentyukov Roman finds. Department Head Yuri Navalikhin:
"And I will give details of the investigation will not."
Driver Yuri Paszkiewicz, who also suffered in the tragedy wife and 3-year-old daughter, and the car was one hundred percent broken, does not exclude that case try to slow to withdraw from the responsibility of traffic police officers who made "human shield." Victim seems suspicious police attitudes to the driver who did the tragedy:
"They just let him go until the noise began. And when he began, then uttered that it is nowhere."
Yuri Pashkevich said that in any case will seek to punish all guilty — he believes that it is not only the driver, and traffic police.
Lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya protects the interests of the victims:
"I believe that this and povinet Mentyukov and traffic police, who made a shield. At the moment, the two cases — one in the SAI, the second in the prosecutor’s office. But I think somehow surprisingly they are conducted."
According to Vera Stramkouskaya for impartial investigation into these two cases must be connected.
Meanwhile it became clear the second "human shield", which under similar circumstances in October last year did the police officers on the ring road around Minsk. As a result of the tragedy suffered heavily Stas Alekseev, Natalie Cash, Eugene Sparyzh polutoragodovalaya and his daughter. Day before yesterday, March 31, victims have filed for GAI complaint to the prosecutor of Belarus. Tags: live, Minsk Mikashevichy, shield, Mentyukov, GAI

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