The visa issue appeared suddenly

Parliamentarian Justas Paleckis (Lithuania) said in an interview with "Freedom" that the matter appeared on the agenda of a day or "all of a sudden" on Friday, April 18.
"This is a reflection of what this issue Great attention is paid. And it reflects some progress in this matter. I rate this as the formation of more suitable climate, as evidence that madea mistake and that this error should be corrected. Parliament can only restore and give direction. And there will be the Commission and the Council of the European Union, where all 27 member states must unanimously decide. "
Justas Paleckis — one of the 3-Socialist MEP who initiated the collection of signatures under the declaration on reducing the price of visas for Belarusian people. It was necessary to collect signatures from more than half the total number of 785 deputies. But this process going very slowly, and many MEPs put signature shall be removed by the actions of the Belarusian authorities. For example, because of the crackdown on March 25 and searches beyond the control of a number of journalists on March 27. Hitherto collected about 140 signatures.
"More than half do not get collected. For this week there will be more, but slightly. We do not throw all the reserves in the battle. After opening and other abilities. And this debate — one of these abilities. "
MEP Aldis Kuskis Latvia said that a positive attitude toward lowering prices Schengen visas for Belarusians:
"There should be the ability for the Belarusian people to travel from Belarus to the European Union and to obtain visas for lower prices. Indeed newcomer Schengen cost is very high for a normal exchange."
Besides the situation with Schengen visas Belarus, is discussed and the situation around the Schengen visa for Ukraine. Since last year, the visa fee for a Schengen visa for Belarusians rose to 60 euros. Citizens of Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, according to the agreements with the EU, visa fee of EUR 35. Tags: European Union, visas, the European Parliament

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