Then the tradition was founded by Santa

Normal 0 "I lived on the street Kalinowski, two houses from the stew to the prospectus. I remember the other day did not know that such an action would be. But when I came, I saw, and people went there. There wasunlimited number of police at the entrance to the Eastern Cemetery. Go there already was unreal: standing water cannons, police helmets, batons, everything was blocked. I was always there, yet there were people. For me, it was already clear even in those times that Russian alliance decays, it is necessary to act, find contacts. And of course, that these actions, tell them so, not boosted, but strengthened my awareness of the need for change and the fight against Russian regime. With addition time I always sought to make contacts with the Popular Front, but these active contacts were established, when I became a member Supreme Council. Immediately, from the first days I was in a fraction of the Belarusian Popular Front. Well, and I think it gave a lot of people start the realization that such a regime it must beat with this regime that need is independent Belarus. And, of course, one of the main reasons that gave impetus to the zeal of these — one hike in Kurapaty. And apart from the fact, tradition was founded by "Santa".

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