They wanted to NATO — it is their right

Man: "I, of course, against that they join NATO. Amerikosy vlezut here again. Enter Georgia, Ukraine. Why is this? How was the alliance, then let it stay. Ukraine us dear? Darling! Georgia dear? Darling! There many Belarusians live. Why NATO climb? If they’re promise mountains of gold, and then let us go to Ukraine. "
Lady: "Ukraine is not exactly survive NATO. 100 percent! "
Man: "This is a step in Ukraine. They should to choose how they develop. Live like we, Belarusians, or western countries. We will refer to them as before, because the Ukrainians — Slavic people, peaceful. If they so wish, let come. "
Man: "I do not know how to comment on it. Necessary to read the literature."
Man: "I — against. NATO — this is war. Under sideways will the enemy."
Man: "NATO is the U.S. dominion. When Georgia comes to this unit, it must be direct their own fighter on military action. And the peaceful inhabitants of Ukraine will be required to send their own sons to military conflicts. And this sacrifice. Yet it may happen that Ukraine will put missile defense, military bases. "
Man: "NATO will give them crackers to eat! Is America who gave life to cancel? Laptsyuzhnikam therewhat to do. No one there will not. "
Man: "I myself with Ukrainian Lviv. Am against Ukraine to join NATO."
Lady, "argued hard. All negative news highlights. Certainly, the media has developed such an attitude. "
Man: "This is stupid on their part. Lived together for so many years, and now will turn enemies? Against whom we are preparing an instrument? I mean Belarus and Russia. Baltic countries are already there, Poland — too. Ukraine will soon join NATO. Around Belarus besieged. One restless. "
Man: "Everybody is trying to develop. Some of them — at the expense of the West, the other — with the help of someone else."
Lady: "This, of course, their actions — Georgia and Ukraine."
Man: "I agree with that. They should to choose. It is their right. Attitude towards Georgia and Ukraine will be on my eyes, such as to the rest. They, like all other countries, have every right to join NATO. They want NATO — that is their right. "

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