They will try to stifle independent journalism

The call to make donations independent Belarusian journalists spoke Polish Foundation "Freedom and democracy", and other institutions. And currently being negotiated this issue, Radio The radio says editor Eugene Wapa:
"We were approached by people from various institutions. Within days, hard to say in what form will this help organizations, investors and funds. By the end of the week leading negotiations this case. Getting ready for the latest situation in restruktualnyh change. But we have a discussion about it the following week. "
Radio control is also preparing for accreditation of journalists in Belarus. Although previous experience indicates that such statements do not consider power, says Wapa. Questions help from the Polish government decides at the moment and channel "Belsat" said his manager Agneshka Romashevskaya. Support for affected editions of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, says lawyer Andrei Bastunets:

"Directed by appeal to the Prosecutor General. Currently preparing an appeal to the Minsk prosecutor’s office, which authorized searches. And it was an appeal to the international society, in which contained an assessment of what is happening."
In Belarus meanwhile lasts pressure on democratic media: for a day or two immediately warnings from the Ministry received a disk imaging is independent newspaper "New Era".
Says chief editor Lord Alexei:

"I would not say that there is some connection with mass faktalyagichnaya searches. But logical link within public policy, of course, exist. "

Pavel Sheremet, cutting Klimov, Victor Ivashkevich, Nikolai Markevich, Paul Mazhejka Alexander Sdvizhkou — journalists were serving so referred "Chemistry" and even jail time for publication in the media-independent.
Alexander and Misha Stupnikova Podolyaka authorities deported abroad Belarus. Operator Zavadsky disappeared without any trace of 5 years ago. White spots, a ban on distribution, multi-million dollar fines and closure of newspapers — peculiar attitude of the current authorities to be independent journalism in Belarus, said the deputy head editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina:

"If Alexander Lukashenko held a press conference in 1994, becoming president of the country, it seems to me, at that moment he realized this he became president. Great reward in this and journalists was that whereas in Belarus began free journalism. And, accordingly, came to the conclusion that the media must be controlled.
Since 1994, and started coming to the targeted media. And a last effort, the latest means they will try to stifle independent journalism and advocacy to save journalism. "

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