This year, China’s defense expenditures are about 100 billion U.S. dollars — Chinese Defense Minister

This year, China's defense expenditures are about 100 billion U.S. dollars - Chinese Defense Minister
Last year, defense spending amounted to 610 billion yuan / 1 U.S. dollars — 6.3 yuan / this year this figure rose nekordinalno and Baksova equivalent of about 100 billion dollars this SShA.Ob said September 18 Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie.

At a joint press conference with his Liang Guanglie South American officer Leon Panetta, arranged following their meeting, Liang Guanglie stressed that the development of the defense power of China meets the needs of the security and development of the country and makes no danger to any other country or a third party.

Responding to a reporter’s question about the situation around the Diaoyu, Liang Guanglie said that the Diaoyu Islands since time immemorial are perennial territory of China, the Japanese government’s decision to «purchase» Diaoyu for their «nationalization» completely illegally and meets strong protest from the Chinese government and people.

«Responsibility for the provocation of this issue lies entirely on the Japanese side,» — said Liang Guanglie, adding that «we pay close attention to the development of the situation and reserve the right to make a subsequent action.»

Meanwhile, the minister said, China is also hopes that this matter will be appropriately resolved by peaceful negotiations. «

Leon Panetta, in turn, noted that the U.S. and Japan urged China to show calmness and restraint in this matter and to keep open channels of contact with, so that the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands were settled peacefully diplomatic method.

He also said that more prosperity and development of the Asia-Pacific region meets the interests of both the U.S. and Chinese interests. U.S. encourages different countries in the region to strengthen exchanges with China and China going to be invited for a role in naval maneuvers «Rimpak» / «Pacific Rim» / 2014.

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