Those Dzyady — the fact of state history, awareness of themselves as a people

"I was amazed at the" Dzyady "number of people who I did not know. If the other day on the formation of "Martyralegu" we were going to church, I was there a significant portion of people knew. And here … Do not even remember who I was. Feeling at the moment, that I was alone, without friends in the mass.

Remember those huge machines with water jets — it was the first time and was viewed very seriously. But surprisingly, that there was some kind of horror. Just split the weight of the "pigs", the mass became more dense on the sides, and later began to disperse. I will say that there was no escape. I remember how, ran across the street to the transition, did not run away.

Was some hope that the changes will start in life and your life. That this powerful machine may not always work, something begins to happen and lead to radical changes.

Those "Dzyady" — the fact of state history, awareness of themselves as a people, Belarusian people. And maybe even the realization that those Russian authorities as paslyasavetskiya not fully perceive what is connected with national traditions, with the revival of the people. "

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