Three years back the dead Pope John Paul II

Fruitful life of John Paul II and his activism to the last days, regardless of age and znyasilenasts diseases have been the inspiration and prototype for millions of believers in globally.
International press, especially in the homeland of John Paul II in Poland, devotes much attention to the third anniversary of his death. The Vatican and Poland held the evening of celebration and mourning memory pontiff.
In an interview with the Vatican newspaper "L’Osservatore Romano" Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops, Cardinal Battista Re Zhavanni referred to John Paul II, "The main role of important events of our era." The cardinal said that "Dad struggled with communism of political judgment, but since it was a system that promoted atheism, persecuting the church and denied people the right to complete freedom." He was a hero and a particular participant and initiator of the principal, historical events, the collapse of communism and the fall of the Berlin wall, but "first and basic feature of his pontificate has a religious dimension," said Battista Re Zhavanni.
John Paul the second ran the Catholic Church at a crucial historical moment, and brought the Church into the third millennium. For 26 years he recover his own pontificate case with Protestants, with Jews and Muslims. In his classical training defended Christian values, the sanctity of life, marriage nerazryvnasts. Alternately opposed the secularization of life and moral relativism, protested against abortion, contraception and euthanasia, was opposed to the abolition of celibacy, but also condemned the violence and called for peace and coexistence consonant of different cultures and civilizations, defended human rights wherever he be dropped more than 100 pilgrimages to different countries, in including Cuba. Contrary to the position of many cardinals, John Paul the second publicly asked forgiveness for the sins and transgressions of the Church in the past. "All his efforts were focused on trying to make probable" return of God in this world, "said Cardinal Re.
Already during the festive burial John Paul II believers at St. Peter’s Square holding banners with the words "Santo subito" — "holy immediately." Decision of his successor, Pope Benedict XVI, in most kutsee time began the process of beatification of John Paul II, his accession to the number of "blessed", which is the first step towards canonization, saints recognition.
As said Coordinator process beatyfikatsyynaga priest Slawomir Oder, constantly receive letters on the address "John Paul II-paradise." Special committee scrutinizes the life and deeds of the pontiff, fixes and measurable secular professionals miracles and magical accidents that occurred due diligence trivial prayer Pope. Not waiting for the official recognition of the "blessed" many believers have not pray for him, but at him. It is understood that the beatification will take place on October 16, the 30th anniversary of the election of Cardinal Wojtyla Roman father. Tags: Paul, yang, s

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