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International Society of limited symbolic protests, but … role in preparing for the Games. Government actively thinking — how to respond to the bloody oppression of another uprising in Tibet, ride or not to go to Beijing, but can be turned out at once — do not seem to provoke smb. ‘S wrath massive economic partner. Some favorite offer to abandon the role at least in the ceremony of the Olympics. The problem of athletes are unwittingly involved in controversy, which raises their sense of swing work and effort. Obviously, they are against violence in Tibet and generally against human rights violations in the world, but on the other hand, they are not for four years, worked on the form, so at the moment to abandon the role in this sport because of all prazdnichkom only restore an old phenomenon , what happened before and what everyone has long known.
International Olympic Committee considers that the Olympics be apolitical, that this is just sport prazdnichek, but probably it is just a sport? The Charter of the International Olympic Committee, said that "the Olympic movement puts himself ahead goal to sport promoted harmonious development of man, promoted peace between peoples and respect for human rights." "No matter what form of discrimination against a country or person because of race, profession, political affiliation, gender, or any other reason contradicts belonging to the Olympic Movement."
Father of the modern Olympic movement Baron Pierre de Kuberten was vospitannitsam Jesuit College of St. Ignatius and very soulful man. It worked very Jesuit methods of training. Jesuits were committed educators. They knew the psyche of youth and school education appropriated form of competition: for the highest marks in science and gymnastics for the honor to serve in the Holy Mass, and even for the best seat at the table. "Zeal for perfection, to overcome his helplessness, to, to be smarter and better, it is a goal to which should strive each person. Sport helps to fulfill these ideas, "- says another Kubertena, Dominican Henri de Didon (Henri de Didon) He’s more than 100 years ago at the first Olympic Congress in Paris proposed motto" Citius, altius, fortius "(sport, Higher, Stronger") .
Kuberten Dido and beheld in the sport more than just competition. Olympic movement meant for their humanitarian universal system of education through sports. "Overcome himself gives the greatest happiness. Principled in life is not only a victory, but the struggle. Main thing is not to win, but to be able to lead a knightly combat. This idea of our movement," — says Pierre de Kuberten. He wished that the idea of Olympism was generous and of net, that sport has joined voedinyzhdy people helped to overcome various barriers and bias. Both of them — Kuberten and Dido — believed that sport — the universal language of human relationships that he develops the spirit of brotherhood and harmony, is a response to the violence in the world today.
The right to organize the Olympic Games, China received 13 July 2001. Even then, it is no secret was, as China behaves Falun Gong against, Uighurs and Tibetans. World knew that the communist regime with the capitalist economy for decades brutally violate human rights, restrict freedom of expression, imprisons political opponents. It’s not a secret that China has done more in the death penalty, there is a trade of human organs. But the International Olympic Committee to the Chinese authorities believe that Beijing will justify the trust placed in him. IOC hopes that the Olympic idea itself Olympics with inflated attention around the world to her country pravozhannya become automatic incentive for democratization of China, its openness to the world. Seven years ago, China promised that the situation of human Rights will Fixed that a country withmakes all likely to become worthy to host the Olympics.
Now, four months before the Olympics, it is clear that neither the 1st of China to its own promises not fulfilled.
Making a decision about the Olympics in China, the Olympic Committee leaders themselves have changed Kubertena standards. Im sorry incurred costs and the profits that they are going to get. By the way, and millions of fans could be disappointed with the breakdown of the Olympics. Everyone expects from their own athletes possible best results and medals. Not once the athlete is not sovladevaet with this pressure and requirements for yourself. Both he and his sponsors are trying to achieve of success at any cost. Hence doping scandals, corruption. Thought of pure competition policy spoiled and commerce. Athletes who resell for multimillion amounts between a rich clubs, often not realizing or not thinking became commonplace product. Fascinated by the glory and splendor medal athlete closes his eyes to the fact that it later and enthusiasm also means trusting fans well fed clouds officials, managers, coaches and commentators. Sport turned into a branch of the economy comparable to the protection and health care.
Tibet from it anachronistic religious-monastic civilization obviously not lucky that almost 60 years ago under compulsion he was attached to the One of the most massive world. Nobody would never bombard China due to Tibetans once Yugoslavia protecting the Kosovars. Tibetans led by the Dalai Lam know that independence — is a fantasy. They are willing to be satisfied with the status of people of the lowest category, autonomy within China with their way of life and freedom of religion, but require a minimum of cultural genocide and finish the process of denationalization. Regular uprising role monks who in accordance with their own religion will go faster with self-immolation than to throw a stone at someone, it is proof that this friendly people driven to despair.
I think that there is unanimity, international solidarity with Tibet does not work, they do not completely failed boycott the Olympics capital. Sober, politically and economic calculation and now prevail over the temporary surge of feelings and solidarity with the aggrieved. China behaves cheekily knowing about it and aware of its power. Let Belarusian opposition they say that the hard crackdown — it is confirmation of helplessness of the authorities, but I believe that the bounce is just a confirmation of strength. Weakness could be concessions and willingness to negotiate. However, the gesture of Steven Spielberg, who turned down the role in the preparation of the stunning media event in Beijing, found support from many artists and intellectuals, but many politicians, businessmen and the International Olympic Committee will close their eyes to Tibet. They — as expected — will accept a statement, a resolution will express their "resistance", "regret", "anger", but still, the opening or the continuation trample Olympics in Beijing. English Olympic Committee general rebuked athletes and leaders to speak out on human rights in China. Who would not sign the declaration of silence, then do not go to the Olympics, and who have something to utter a word during the game, will be sent home.
Here’s what came out of bombastic slogans of the Olympic movement. It would be more correct in general not to mention them.

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