To clink on Akrestin people come

Reporter: "Who are you looking for?"
Lady: "My brother is here. Mama I’m sorry, but he deserved — let sits."
Woman: "My name is Rita. We came to meet each other. They took him and gave three days for handing out papers dedicated to the 25th of March".
Guy: "My name is Alexander. We civilian movement" For Freedom. "

Reporter: "How did it on 25 March to the friends of your movement."
Woman: "Detained 1st close our friend, but was released because he is a minor. But with the second did not know where he is and what happened to him. We were able to contact him until the phone has been disconnected. He said that he was all fine, that are configured in combat. Only two ribs broken, and everything is fine. "
Guy: "Whenever people are beaten, then for them to experience, in-1’s. A in-2, we would like our organization to be better.’s Because this razdelenasts people and going to different parties … It is very unpleasant to look when so goes the celebration. "
Guy: "Paul Y. Vinogradov. Came to see his own friend, make common cause, and came here. Too bad that all this is happening. People melancholy, all fragile."
Reporter: "But you bodren’kiye."
Guy: "I have something chipper, though, right, instituted against me criminal case for his role in a meeting on January 10. And so — all right. "
Reporter: "What is your name and you do not engage in such astseragaetsesya socio-political affairs"?

Youth"Paul. We’re just young people, who wishes live differently knit. "
Reporter: "Did you participate in the events of March 25"?
Guy: "Participated naturally. That what happened March 25 — It is generally banditry. As usual, the government points to himself not with the best hand. What is she on any dialogue will not only all the claws will hold these positions.
Guy: "My name is Alex. I think what is happening total lawlessness and impunity. If prazdnichek, very importantth power gives the ability to carry out peacefully, I do not I know that it will continue. "

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