To get a visa in the U.S. — the problem: who povinet

Young Man: "America is guilty. As they themselves wish to sharpen our business with the state. If Americans send our diplomats, our president makes such a retaliatory move — send their diplomats. "
Man: "Maybe the policy manager our country. In Belarus, sturdy relationship with America never was. My friends can not go to relatives. I’m going too soon in the U.S. — won the "green card", but I do not know, there will be difficulties or not. "
Woman: "Do not have any idea. We are not interested in politics, we in America do not."
Lady: "I do not know why. I think there are some political aspects there. But there are difficulties for ordinary people. "
Reporter: "Almost a month South American embassy does not issue visas for Belarusian citizens. What do you think is the reason for the deterioration of relations? "
Man: "The reason of our power, Belarus."
Man: "This is the highest policy. Managers must understand impartially."
Lady: "I do not know, I can not even imagine. A what to do — this issue above, but not to normal engineering. "
Dzyadok: "All know very well who povinet. Sent them — and here the delay."
Reporter: "Who’s Who sent?"
Dzyadok: "Our most important. And now need to think what to do."
Grandma: "This question affected and my family, more precisely, my granddaughter. I believe only the Americans are guilty. If was our guilty, they would have done something. "
Man: "Who povinet? This is a great policy. There is no blame. With one side, we are guilty, did something not so. Americans, too, are wrong. But we do not "navel of the earth" must also take into account the interests of other states. On the other hand, they are guilty, as ordinary citizens suffer. Here I have a lot of friends, who wish to summer to come to Belarus from America, but now it is unclear whether it is implemented. "
Young man, "you can not find the latter. I think we and the Americans are looking at the world single-somehow. "
Man: "I was too hurt. Americans are trying to influence the Belarusian authorities, but ordinary citizens suffer. But in another did not go. Those accounts that were arrested, Lukashenko’s account — it’s all illegal means. How differently behave? Because they came true. But, I think Lukashenko never sever diplomatic affairs with America, like it or kicked. In my opinion, it is the ordinary "slamming instrument", as it was in Russian time. Next, it will not work. Such it is not abnormal. "
March 7, after the official web site of the U.S. Treasury was taken clarification of the sanctions imposed in November last year against "Belneftekhim" from Washington for consultations has been recalled in the U.S. salting Belarus Mikhail Khvostov. March 12 at the request of the Belarusian side left Minsk salting U.S. Karen Stewart. Then the U.S. was recommended to reduce the number of employees of the diplomatic mission. In response, the South American Embassy stated that suspends visas. March 27 has left Minsk 17 American diplomats. On April 1, the U.S. Embassy in Minsk meant to resume issuing visas to Belarusian citizens, but the other day, on March 31, Charge d’Affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore was handed a note to what was said that Belarus has decided on further reducing staff own embassy in Washington. Belarusian Foreign Ministry suggested the U.S. side to reduce the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk in the same amount and in such terms. Now the United States Embassy in Belarus for issuing visas to Belarusian citizens.

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