Tomorrow will be judged Sergei Parsyukevich

Motivate health lawyer and his client’s willingness to court tomorrow.
Vera Stramkouskaya meeting with Sergei Parsyukevich in Minsk remand lasted two hours. That’s what the lawyer told about his own client:
"He was ready to stand trial morally and legally, but I’m worried about his health, as he aggravated asthma. Now to him called the doctor, he did not even go for a walk, and tomorrow, during the trial, may have to call an ambulance. "
According to the investigation, the officer Alexander Dulub said Sergei Parsyukevich and banged it inflicted bodily injuries. For this businessman threatens 6 years in prison. Meanwhile Sergei Parsyukevich states that beat him, but he defended himself and called for help. Consequence refused to interrogate the victim a policeman on the sensor Dulub heresy.

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