TPU Scientists have found a new way to get nanoceramics for body armor

Scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) have developed technology to produce high-quality nanostructured ceramics, which can be used to make bullet-proof vests and electronics products, told RIA Novosti on a press tour in TPU department head of nanomaterials and nanotechnology university Oleg Hasanov.


TPU together with the holding "Novosibirsk electric vacuum plant — Union" won a competition to create products manufacturing nanostructured ceramics. Research funded polytechnics Ministry of Education, and the creation of a production line is due to the "NEVZ."

"NEVZ-union" is going to produce three types of bronezaschitnoy ceramics, which can be used for the manufacture of body armor protection technology. Similar techniques may be used in the manufacture of a protective transparent ceramics. For example, the windows for the aircraft, bulletproof glass — where need high-strength, heat-resistant materials, stable at temperature " — Said Hasanov.

According to him, has introduced several technologies of ceramic products from nanopowders, and the end of the year on several production lines will start serial production. "The production will be large-capacity, tens of tons", — Said Hasanov.

Currently the manufacture of nanostructured ceramic used plasticizing agents, reduce friction during compression of particles, but this may cause cracks and impurities in the final product. Tomsk scientists replaced chemicals when compressed by physical methods — the influence on the raw material powder ultrasound methods redistribution friction.

Hasanov said that with this method of production of particles packed evenly, and ceramics sintered solid, free of defects. In addition, the reduced cost of nanoceramics thus applied a commercially available equipment, and the pressing process takes place at room temperature.

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