Training aircraft baby whale

Light training aircraft MAI-233 "Baby whale", caused concern Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, to take part in the flying program of MAKS-2013 in Zhukovsky, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Rector Anatoly MAI Gerashchenko.

Shoigu announced the other day that the Defense Ministry will buy about 300 "little whale."

"In the days of mass visiting the salon just two aircraft, designed in the MAI will take part in the flying program — (biplane)" Aviatica-890 "and the MAI-223", — said Gerashchenko.

He noted that on the stand RAC "MiG" in Hall "F-1" will be offered a unique stereoscopic imaging system for pilots, and in the space of the exhibition — a mobile platform for the Mars rovers, the latest developments in the field of thrusters for satellites and microsatellites 601-X-1.

"I will mention only a few major projects. Example, remotely-piloted aircraft" Raven-700 ", capable of carrying weapons and tracking system, double multi-purpose aircraft MAI-223" baby whale ", the aircraft with aerodynamic lifting fuselage" — said Gerashchenko.

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