Tribunal members rally in friendly postponed

His blame the organization meeting protest construction of a chemical plant personal Russian company "August-Bel", which took place on March 22.
Yesterday in the 21 th hour of the evening the police handed Sergei Obrazovskomu summons to the court in the 10th hour of the morning. Previously, he received a summons to the court on April 10. In the court of the emperor Obrozovsky said that he was not aware of the case and also put the petition regarding witnesses, by the representatives of local authorities. Ultimately, the tribunal has been postponed to the previous period on April 10.
Obrozovsky believes that these actions are connected with the fact that the construction site of a chemical plant should come delegation officials. May be that the police are trying to put pressure on the moral activists active group, he says.
Inhabitants of the village everybody protesting against chemical production companies, which plans to build a Russian private company "Bel-August." It is planned that the plant will be carried out 18 kinds of pesticides — chemical means for selgasvytvorchastsi. Inhabitants favor holding a local referendum on the need to build businesses in close proximity to the houses, the execution of the honey-independent, environmental and legal expertise. They have repeatedly emphasized local authorities a statement on rallies, but always refused. As a result, unauthorized protests took place in the village and everybody Svislach.

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