Truth about the events we are silent about the upcoming …

Man: "After the destruction of fascism Germany back to the origins of the democratic system more efficient and Russian Alliance continued to exist in tatalitaryzme. You could even say that the war ended for the Germans in the 45th to Russian Union much later and Belarus Is it still lasts. That’s all. "
Man: "I think that we have the culture, health, like those of the Germans. Look here: their very best cars, the best way to pay, and that we … There is no organization or government."
Man: "All this is left of an old Russian regime. How it existed, and failed even to feed people."
Man: "I think that favorite live in a completely different system, which is completely inhuman and is not interested in the fact that those who shed their blood, lived well and felt their welfare."
Man: "The question at issue: why favorites have gone after the war to the Far East, Siberia camps? This order, so they do not even know what they beheld in Europe and who was freed from that. Because a failure of our grandfathers who fought . "
Lady: "Veterans — they are patient, they do not stroll to complain, like them or hurt. And others — grabbers, all Zagreb and poor veterans — a penny. "
Woman: "Surely, it is depending on the country. We, of course, these people not highly valued, and that they created in the war, also nedatsenvaetstsa. "
Man: "I think that most are depending on us. And we all do not care … Well, the government did not sufficiently help veterans."
Lady: "What are you, think that they live worse? We all primarily submitted for veterans and in clinics and in stores, and maintained in primarily. I think they have no way deprived. "
Man: "I am worried about another issue: no favorites, nor vanquished already, in fact, there is not, but the truth about the events in the upcoming we hush it all turned into a myth. Just at the moment there are years when the war one hundred percent ceases to be a reality, it is converted in the past. Right now, basically to keep the historical truth, otherwise we ever lose your sense of those events. "

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