Tyscha dismissed dissenters

Say goodbye to the road now Baranovichy Artem Lastovetskiy offered voluntarily. When he agreed, the boy gave the book labor without any explanation. Malady Yaroslav Grischenya palace of culture was fired when he was in the clinic after a road tragedy. This was preceded by a tribunal for his role in an unregistered organization. From November Jaroslav Hryshchenya — Unemployed:

"If you come to a state-owned enterprise, the first, that they begin to do is query the database. There falls out a few sheets of my biography. Through some time reported to me that my services are not needed. As for any personal companies, the owner comes and says: I’m sorry, Yarik but I vyznat some facts your biography, and better if you have it will not work. "

Another recognizable Baranovichi social and political activist Victor Syritsa was dismissed teacher of history at the Institute after the first visit to the city of Alexander Milinkevich 2005. Sovereign Syritsa must become a personal business to work as it did not take too:

"I’m not the bad historian, and it is known in the town. But I almost did not have the ability to get. Immediately, when I came, I had read that there is no, no, no," You know, why do not we can not take you — because I would be removed from work. "So says the director of secondary schools. Eventually I was offered a job still Baranovichsky regional museum director, but I refused. ‘Cause I was asked to write a letter that will not participate in public and political life of the town."

In court concerning dismissal at the moment involved a teacher from Vitebsk Tatiana Seviarynets, mother of a prominent politician Paul Sevyarinets. For political reasons, lost work as recognizable metropolitan director Valery Mazynsky. Head of the Committee in support of the repressed "Solidarity" Inna Cooley reported that because of political activity without work now remain about thousand people:

"Some time there exists the possibility of help people get a job. But, unfortunately, now it rarely happens here within the country. Only when our friends — entrepreneurs, businessmen — help to find such a place. First have the opportunity to settle in Poland. There’s a variety of specialty, but in the main system. But of course, we have additional difficulties after Poland’s accession to Shengen. "

Dismissing from work politically active people, power has several goals, says Deputy Managing movement "For Freedom" Yuri Hubarevich: 

"In 1-x, this act of intimidation, pressure on activists, their families, and for people who are watching this. This is a warning to others: they say, see what we can do to a person — to deprive his work means to existence. During 2-x, is an attempt to deprive the Democrats of communication with people. Indeed, naturally, in enormous labor collectives contact, talk, in including and political themes. Removing such an activist of the labor collective life, it is also an attempt to limit the spread of disk imaging. "

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