U.S. condemns harassment-independent media in Belarus

"We condemn the current tough measures against-independent media in Belarus, during which no legitimate reason were detained 30-independent journalists in 12 towns — said in a statement. — It came after an aggressive crackdown on the peaceful marches in Minsk on March 25, accompanied by dozens of arrests. Mode Alexander Lukashenko again proved to be a tough authoritarian dictatorship that openly violates human rights and fundamental freedoms. "
State Department urges Belarusian authorities immediately release all those who have been arrested and imprisoned, to ensure that all the victims had been provided medical assistance, and bring all the guilty to justice. "We also call on Belarus to end the persecution of the media-independent survivors who try to cover in the upcoming action in Belarus and to respect freedom of assembly, expression and-independent media in Belarus", — said Sean McCormack.

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