U.S. Embassy resumes issuing visas from April 1

Issuance of visas in the South American Embassy and consideration of new applications suspended on March 19. This was due to the requirements of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry on reducing state of the U.S. Embassy in Minsk.
Under pressure Belarusian authorities Belarus countryside for the last Wednesday and Thursday left nearly half of U.S. diplomats accredited in Minsk. Left and an embassy employee Kurt Finley, whose first channel BT and KGB spy accused in the development of the network. Now there are 17 South American embassy diplomats — the same as in the Belarusian Embassy in Washington.
Work of the U.S. Embassy to normal, but due to the demands of the Belarusian authorities had reduced the number of consuls — to 2-up to 1. Since April 1, when will resume issuing visas, respectively, will be reduced by the number of applications to be accepted.
Salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Stewart said in an interview with ERB that can not call your own return to Belarus. This is dependent on when the return to America Belarusian salting Misha tail.
Belarusian Foreign Ministry information regarding the date of return of the sovereign Khvostova the workplace also unavailable.
Meanwhile Karen Stewart noted that U.S. are not going to renounce the policy of economic sanctions against the Belarusian authorities. Such a statement she made on the radio station "Echo of Moscow":
"We need to give Belarusian authorities to make a choice between the positive benefits of relations with the West and negative relationships — if they infringe human rights and renounce democracy ", — said Karen Stewart.
Salting identified the U.S. as before insisting on "the release of all internationally recognized political prisoners, including 1st of the favorites opposition Alexander Kozulin. "With all this, it recognized that U.S. continue to consult with the European Union on joint sanctions against the Belarusian authorities.
Meanwhile, as reported by the press service Alexander Lukashenko, speaking of the South American sanctions, he said that they should make the Belarusian export diversification, namely, enhancing cooperation with the Gulf countries.

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