U.S. left the door open for Belarus

Sponsors of the House of Representatives resolution number 5970 Congressmen Christopher Smith, Elsie Geystings Ted Makkoter, James McGovern, Frank Palan, Mike McIntyre, and several other U.S. lawmakers.
This event in an interview with "Voice of America" comments Orest Deychakiwsky, Senior Expert of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, which is also called "Helsinki Commission" USA.
Correspondent: Sp.Deychakivski whether the act in question on democracy in Belarus as a kind of reaction to the recent aggravation of diplomatic relations between Minsk and Washington?
Deychakiwsky: Made of days Act is a modified version of the first Act on democracy in Belarus. It should be re-affirm once every couple of years, as it is foreseen under funding specifically for such period. We had do. This means that there is no connection with today’s diplomatic scandal.
But in this context, it is important to note the following. If in the past period, the situation in Belarus structurally changed to the best, the need for a brand new Act simply would not exist. In other words, if in Belarus ended human rights violations, the situation became better democracy, if the regime of Alexander Lukashenko finished repression against the civilian society, there would be no need to consider this question in Congress.

If in the past period, the situation in Belarus structurally changed to the best, the need for a brand new Act simply would not exist.

But in reality we see later: in the last two months we have sentences of the Belarusian authorities against youth activists for his role in the peaceful demonstrations, arrest-independent journalists, human rights activists for fines petition for revision of a repressive law on confession in 2002. Alexander Kozulin as before is in the bullpen, and there were even two more political prisoners — Andrew Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich. In Belarus, the bullpen is a South American citizen Emanuel Zeltser and we requested his release on humanitarian judgment on his state of health, which was compounded. Funded by the U.S. Congress on the web media was organized hacker cyber attack, etc..
Because, unfortunately, we do not litsezreem any improvement in the field of democracy and human rights in Belarus under the current regime.
Correspondent: Made of days in Congress Act on Democracy in Belarus is the third bill. Does it have any differences from the past?
Deychakiwsky: The main provisions remained the same as in the 2006 Act: it support human rights defenders that are independent of the media and trade unions, youth movements, political parties of democratic orientation. Separately allocated support-independent radio and television broadcasts in Belarus, and naturally formulated economic and visa sanctions against members of the Belarusian government, etc.
Most conspicuous configuration touched first part kanstatatsyynuyu refreshed bill. It presents the latest information on what is happening in Belarus, expressed support for the actions of the State Department and the U.S. Department of money in terms of implementation of the act — the West against "Belneftekhim".
But the bill also contains a statement, which we wish to send a corresponding signal to the Lukashenko regime: the United States remains ready to revise its own policies with regard to Belarus, if the authorities this country make real steps that would have allowed read on progress towards democracy and human rights. In other words, we leave the door open.
It must be emphasized next event. Speaking of broadcasting in Belarus, we specifically mentioned "Radio Liberty", "Voice of America", "ERB" and "Belsat". We believe that it is very important is to break the information blockade imposed by the Belarusian regime. "Tags: act, usa, in, Belarus, democracy,

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