U.S. not going to further reduce embassy staff?

Merkel"The authorities first claimed to reduce the staff of our embassy to 17, and we did. But then they wrongly claimed neagruntavana and even greater reductions — up to 5 or 6 people. We did not fulfill this requirement, we consider it unnecessary and are convinced that a good first step would be to return our ambassador in Minsk. "
Belarusian Foreign Ministry asks throw in Belarus 5 U.S. diplomats. Chargé d’Affaires in Minsk Jonathan Moore protested the new requirements.
The U.S. Embassy confirmed the visit to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Interim attorney Jonathan Moore.
During this meeting, the sovereign Moore claimed the April 30 list of five diplomats who remain in Belarus. Earlier Belarusian side stated he wants toss to 7 in each embassy diplomats. In March, South American diplomatic mission under pressure Minsk own staff reduced to 17.

Sovereign Moore expressed protest against this new requirement and called him unprecedented and unjustified step Belarusian authorities, which will lead to severe consequences.
He also said that he would inform the U.S. State Department and provide a response in the required time.
In addition Moore protested against the denial of access to the KGB arrested U.S. citizen Emaniula Zeltser, who can not visit the embassy on March 27, and expressed concern about the state of his health. Tags: united states, protest, Belarus, masonry, embassy, Seltzer, Jonathan, MFA

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