UCP congress held on Sunday, April 20

The congress will take place in two steps. First, which will elect a new party management, will be held in the office of BPF. Venue for the second, informal, step not yet determined. Representatives UCP they say that it could be held on October Square in the structure or the City Committee.
Only two members of the political council of the party in favor of the transfer forum to another date. All Others voted to spend Congress on April 20, said at a press conference favorite UCP Anatol Liabedzka:

"We felt that the transfer — is a manifestation of our helplessness. This meant would seem that we are on the same canvas, which is prepared for us from above. In addition, the transfer would mean new challenges with the Ministry of Justice. And the most important thingno guarantee that we will later hold a congress in the new criteria. "
The problem with the venue of the Congress appeared after, Minsk city executive committee as directed by the party’s official response to the address, in which it is written: "Please be informed that the definition of the venue is the responsibility of the persons responsible for the company and the holding of this event."
Lebedko: appeal for help in metropolitan city council already preceded by 23 negative responses from the various agencies where management would like to rent a party room:
"What happens is unparalleled. Relations in the history of the opposition parties with the regime itself was not. Were prepyadstviya resolution from time to time gave virtually a few days before the start, but it was allowed.
I think what is happening — the links of one chain. First action on March 25, after the pogroms in places where working-independent journalists. That’s it — one. "

Political analyst Yury Chausov recalls that something similar in modern Belarusian history already. At least, the power couple of times did not give the ability to hold a congress of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk), when its chairman elected Alexander Kozulin:
"Because states what’s happening quite unprecedented, I would not. And in terms of what the party was not given space? Everyone knows that real estate in the capital of Belarus is under municipal control. And because the rulers of these rooms do not even have to give a special order, so that they did not give the opposition space. They fear it. And the experience of Congress BPF indicates that you need a special order from the administration, that gave the hall. "

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