Ufa plant began production of unprecedented precision machine tools.

Electrochemical machines for large parts

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The method of electrochemical treatment has long been considered an outsider precision production.
However, the developers Ufa under the leadership of Professor AM Zaitseva perfected it and created the machines, able to "do what no one knows how to do more" — in the words of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Bashkiria Pustovgarov at the opening ceremony.
Translated into the language of technology, "Integrated criterion precision-roughness-performance" machines are superior to most factory ETM available today in the world of peers.

Enterprise "TITAN ECM" founded in 2004 on the initiative of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU).
The main activities:
design, manufacture and service of modern precision electrochemical equipment, the development process precision electrochemical machining: stamps, molds, molds used in the production of punches, accessories, medical instruments, jewelry and other products requiring high precision and quality of processing.

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On such a machine can handle blanks from virtually any industrial steels and alloys, including high-, nano-metal and alloys to create an ultra-smooth (with a roughness of 0.02 micron) surface at an all time high for the area of precision engineering and cutting edges with a radius of less than micron.

Thanks to the unparalleled accuracy and computer control, these machines can not only produce parts of any complexity, surface quality, unattainable for other methods, but also to apply to them ultra-thin (10 nm) layer having a different composition, for example to increase wear parts , protection against corrosion or to enhance the strength.

The method of ET is the traditional principle of electrochemical machining a metal: billet is a positively charged electrode, and the machining tool — is negative when power by electrolysis "extra" workpiece material falls as a sludge.
The flow of the electrolyte makes it interelectrode space, and then the sludge was filtered and the electrolyte may be reused.
Schematically speaking, in electrochemical processing is only consumed energy and water (which makes the method attractive), but for a long time it was thought that the competitive level of precision is not available to him.

The innovative technology of ET refuted this view. Its principle consists in that the electrodes in an oscillating electrolyte microsecond pulses applied current of high density. This allows the vibration to very accurately locate and monitor the electrochemical reactions in a very small, to the nano range space. The special scheme pulsing creates on the surface of the electrodes and the electrolyte specific physico-chemical conditions that improve the accuracy and efficiency of processing.

The structure of the complex machining factory ETM includes three main blocks: the switching power supply, mechanical and hydraulic unit with an electrolyte and the computer management console.

Pulse depends on the capacity of the treated surface area, the maximum current in the 6000A can process steel surface area 70sm2 and work with the workpiece weighing up to 100 kg.

The computer unit to automatically manage the processing modes, thanks to the user-friendly interface and built-in packet processing software control of the machine does not require extensive specialized training, in addition, the machine can be switched to the production of a wide range of different items. Chance of self-learning mode and automatic operation of the machine without operator, including at night or during holidays.

The scope of industrial applications of high-precision machine tools is extremely wide: today their products are used in the car — and the aircraft, microsurgery, implantology, electronics and jewelry industry — micron accuracy opens up new opportunities not only for the engineering, but also for aesthetic design. Currently, the plant is in the process of international certification ISO, which will allow it to bring its machines to the international market. It is worth noting that there are already waiting.

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