Ufa transformer factory: an innovative breakthrough

Europe's largest plant for the production of transformers — Ufa transformer plant, which is part of Russia's leading manufacturer of electrical equipment of "ELEKTROZAVOD" intends this year to increase production by expanding the geography of deliveries to the country and abroad.

Ufa transformer factory built in record time: the first pile of the future industrial giant were hammered in early 2006, in 2009 the plant was put into operation. The first production line of the new plant was launched in 2010.

The selection for the Republic of Bashkortostan has fallen by chance, recognized in the Company: taking geographical position in the center of Russia, Bashkortostan concentrated around most of the suppliers of components and allows a competent logistics. Just in Bashkortostan are "very serious production" that work with the holding company for cooperation. In production introduced progressive and environmentally friendly technologies, many of which have recently begun to apply international manufacturers and have not been used in Russia. Has the latest computer control system of production, from the development of design documentation to shipping and service of outstanding products.

To create a comfortable and safe working conditions in the company has developed and implemented a novel system to manage all business processes. Created a unique social conditions for workers: modern dining room, cafeteria, recreation areas, comfortable locker rooms, a laundry room for washing clothes, a conference room and a gymnasium.

The company already produces power transformers up to 500 kV and up to 267 MVA, as well as distribution transformers up to 4000 kVA and voltage up to 35 kV. The plans of the Holding Company "ELEKTROZAVOD" ramp up the production capacity of the Ufa refinery to 27 million KW per year.

How to recognize the company, the production of transformers — a very complex process. Each unit — is, in fact, a new product. From design tool before it leaves the assembly line takes an average of 9 months.

But today a new venture in Ufa easily survived the process of formation and started to produce products that can boast not only of Bashkiria, but also Russia.

At present, products of the company, there is great demand in both domestic and overseas market. Orders for the construction and delivery of co-operative can download not only the line of the new plant, but the current production capacity of national enterprises.

The holding assured: Ufa transformer plant will be integrated into the global system. Already, production of the enterprises of "ELEKTROZAVOD" applies not only in Russia, but also gaining global recognition — power equipment brand "ELEKTROZAVOD" successfully operates in over 60 countries worldwide.

The plans of the Holding Company "ELEKTROZAVOD" continue to invest in the economy of Bashkortostan. The company completed construction of a second plant building for expansion of current transformers and voltage, as well as a new plant for the production of high-voltage switchgear up to 500 kV.

The plant for the production of high-voltage switching equipment in the holding await with impatience. The company argued that to this day in Russia has not issued such power equipment from scratch. The company has its own production technology. Similar production in the country are engaged in high-screw assembly of foreign counterparts. In a world of only a few companies that manufacture switchgear.

Holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" breathed new life back into one electrical company in the region that produces modern switching equipment — Ufa plant "Electroapparat." The company provides production of a wide range of electrical products: vacuum switches 6-10 kV circuit breakers at 35 and 110 kV, complete switchgear and transformer stations 6 — 35 kV, control cabinets and automation for various purposes and various electrical components. The plant is currently the only manufacturer in the territory of Russia KRU 20 kV. Specialists of the company today are led by experienced innovations of modern power equipment.

The interests of "ELEKTROZAVOD" apply not only to Bashkiria. The company has launched a new plant for the production of high-power and super-power transformers and reactors in Moscow. Moscow Technological capabilities provide complex manufacturing power transformers up to 630 MVA voltage class up to 750 kV shunt reactors and 300 MVAR voltage class up to 1,150 kV.

In Kiev the company is completing the construction of another transformer production, which will ensure production of power transformers up to 500 kV. The new plant is located at the base of the reconstructed space-Ukrainian Scientific Research, Planning and Design Institute of Technology and the transformer, which since 2004 is part of the holding.

Thus, the total capacity of all the enterprises of the holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" in the next few years will reach 65-70 thousand MVA, which will allow the company to keep its leading position in the domestic and foreign market power engineering.

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