Uhtysh and Uzola — Track Bobby and Tablet

For any of the military, the name "Bobby" and "tablet" directly associated with military equipment, which actually is the data nicknames, like their civilian versions. Be that as it may, these names cause varying degrees of nostalgia — who has a positive, negative anyone. Machines provided by the company in Nizhny Novgorod, which produces all-terrain vehicles, have a "second life", now they are called "Uhtysh" and "Uzola" — a particularly lightweight tracked all-terrain vehicles. By the way, caterpillar machines — asfaltoprohodimogo type, in which one can easily ride on paved roads. ATVs have been certified as tractors. Lightweight all-terrain vehicle "SBU-2410" is for the movement of people or a small weight on any non-cohesive surfaces, water and ice. "Uhtysh" or SBU-2410 has a major advantage over other tracked and wheeled all-terrain vehicles — it has the lowest coefficient of the surface pressure generated by the machine on the ground 12.5 kPa. Similar characteristics boast except ATVs pneumatics.

And now the most important thing that interested in the first place — that's how much this decision will cost, and what will be the fuel consumption. So, the cost of one unit in the base set is just over one million rubles will agree, is not that exorbitant amount for a lightweight all-terrain vehicle. Consumption, depending on the drive, is 25-30 liters per 100 kilometers. All-terrain vehicle is available in a complete set with a gasoline or diesel engine. Of course the diesel "SBU-2410" will be a little less fuel. The rate for tracked vehicles, a very good and up to 60 km / h off-road. The main highlight is an all-terrain vehicle Uhtyzh ability to overcome water obstacles! The movement is carried out by turning the track at a speed of 5 km / h Perhaps the use of outboard motors to increase speed. The interior design of machines and equipment is made in the classic version — armchairs and a panel familiar with the salons of Russian UAZ. Plant and equipment all-terrain vehicle taken from different machines of the domestic auto industry: — power transmission components and some of the "UAZ" — air compressor from "PAZ" — pneumatic valves of the tractor.

ATVs are based on vodoizolirovannoy boat on which an upper portion of Uhtysha — is the height of "UAZ-469", for "Uzoly" — is the height of "UAZ-452". The lower part (the boat) leaking before fording, to include pumps and lower plate mounted in front of the radiator. Uhtysh was the first vehicle created in the enterprise. To him immediately expressed interest in numerous domestic organizations and companies. Now lightweight ATVs work in power engineering, gas workers, geologists and oilmen. The number of seats and the seats depends on customer requirements — from two to eight seats (Uzola). The presence of capacious body does not affect the overall weight of all-terrain vehicles. Standard capacity Uhtysha — up to 5 people (with driver), useful load — 50 kg. You can fold the rear seats to increase the payload capacity. For "Uhtysha" kitted weighs 2.7 tons, for a "Uzoly" — 2.8 tons (the weight is different depending on the version). Additional Equipment ATVs — rack, winch, bumpers, power, self-contained heater. As stated by the original poster, can be installed virtually any additional or specific equipment.

Caterpillar track — for the most expensive all-terrain vehicle. The base truck — a metal plate with a tooth in the rubber-cord shell. Inside the truck two RLL. The connection between the web shoes made using tarsus (special iron plates), worn on the tabs RLL. Tarsus further connected to a widened. At this time, using the latest modification of the shoe with the emphasis widened (early case of frequent breakage when driving over sharp stones). Term of guarantee operation is 8000 kilometers. If you compare prices on the crawler track, they are significantly cheaper than their foreign counterparts — 130 000 (for the Swedish BV-206 -160 000 rubles). Set the caterpillar cross-country vehicle under the force of two of only half an hour. As the practice of use, all-terrain vehicle turned out really domestic — to put the caterpillar can be improvised means, for example, wooden bars. If you are using all-terrain vehicle in the winter requires "snegochista" — Iron finger installed in the drive sprocket. Propulsion systems for all-terrain vehicles can be set quite diverse. At this time, set in base trim gasoline ZMZ-409-10 or diesel ZMZ-514 (basic). There are cases set "custom" Foreign nissanovskogo turbodiesel engine type RD28. Box left on a four-UAZ UAZovskoy 2-speed transfer case. From GAZ-71 has got the body glavperedachi. Multi-disc clutches are dry friction with pneumatic control. Suspension lever-independent torsion bar. Front and rear bumpers are provided balancers. Suspension — six dual rubber-tyred roller bearing with three supporting rollers on each side. Operation Move to the lightweight all-terrain vehicle is quite comfortable and independent of the terrain being traversed terrain. Machine running soft without feeling shaking. The legacy of the UAZ goes only to the lack of noise insulation. In winter, the interior is warm enough in the summer you can open the large hatch on the roof of the car. Driving a car is different — no brake pedal and steering wheel instead of the presence of the two arms. The principle is simple and has long been used in the management of tracked vehicles: — arms itself — braking, the brake band included — arm left / right over — turn left / right, involved clutch lever off, and the car continues to move in the same (opposite) of the friction and thus begins to turn. Unusual for the driver of the car is the lack of inertia and fast gear changes. However, getting used to such driving is pretty fast, because in fact the most simplified management of the machine.

The main characteristics of the SBU-2410 Uhtysh: — weight weight / gross — 2.7/3.2 tonne — speed through the land / water — 60/5 km / h — fuel capacity — 130 liters — clearance — 40 inches — base — 2.5 meters — height — 2 meters — width — 2m — Length — 4.2 meters — Power engine petrol / diesel — 150/110 HP — track width / spacing — 40/11.5 inches.

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