Ul.Barshchov: Ukraine in NATO — an unnecessary option for us

Commissioner House of Representatives in the State Security Vladimir Borschev believes: such aspirations 2-Russian former republics would lead to difficulties in the international situation:
"I do not think that the President of Ukraine will go against his own people. Clear that Ukrainians almost put an ultimatum to this issue. And therefore, I think, be taken some time to make the right political decisions.
And in general, we can state that today’s actions confirm that about than readsl President Republic of Belarus — globalization and the desire to influence virtually all countries of the world from the U.S. to the same again proved now.
We are concerned about those discussions even control the desire of Ukraine to join NATO. What happens here has read about the entry! For what, so close to the Belarusian military stood outside, who had never been on friendly terms with our state? I think that it is an unnecessary option for Republic of Belarus . "

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