Unknown beat Edward Tarletskogo

The clinic E.Tarletskamu broken stitched brow and head.
The incident occurred on May 21 in 23 hours near the entrance of his house. Edward believes that the attack on him was ordered, because when he came to the door, one of the bullies called him the name. In addition, in Tarletskogo for yourself when was the bag, what were the means and the camera.
"About my porch were three people. When I approached, then one of them asked my name. I responded, and then another at this moment hit me and I fell to the ground. They have a couple of times I knocked. Deliberately thrashed on the head and face. I lost consciousness. When he came beside me was my neighbor. It assist me to get to the apartment and called an ambulance.
I think that could be a few circumstances. But I have one world — this is an issue related to the state. But do not want to read about it more accurately, so there was even worse. "
Edward Tarletsky said that he would not go to the police to find criminals and lured them to justice. He recalled that in Last year it also beat, but the police have found no one. Tags: beating, Tarletsky, sexy, minorities

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