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"Being in the party outside the party to act against it, or do something to the detriment of the party — I think it is incorrect. For me it’s not normal. ‘Cause that was created by such a special commission on ethics in the People’s Party and the front of these people pochetaemyh — I think this is normal. could just talk, give a hint for people to understand. Nobody throws, just talking — let’s when we together, do everything together. "
Valentin Golubev, a member of the Diet BNF — a conversation Commission on Ethics of the BPF party other Front Yuri Hubarevich about his role in the movement "For Freedom."
"Belarus government opponents disappear, people cleared the horror of repression. But at the moment in an era of new technologies and communications Lukashenko will not isolate a highly Belarusian people from the euro world."
Emmanuel Zingeris, member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) — the report Pourgourides politically targeted criminal cases in Belarus.
"Management of the Council of Europe, a large part of the Council of Europe have lost hope to agree on the fact that the Belarusian authorities have started to really work with her. Not long ago, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Lewis Maria de Puig said that in discussions with the management of its own it is not Belarus saw any desire to favorites this country to join organizations such as the Council of Europe. "
Danila Galperovich, Russian correspondent of Liberty — a discussion about the PACE Belarusian issue.
"I turned to Russian MPs calling show factual errors in my report, submit a word, out of proportion to the facts, and they did not. I’m sorry that the Russian deputies have taken a stand. At one point, they will regret their support they give the Lukashenko regime. They support monster and at one point this monster in front of him. "
Pourgourides, created by PACE report on politically targeted criminal cases in Belarus — about his reaction to the report of the Russian PACE deputies.
"I do not think that the Belarusian authorities to respond positively to the measures that are regarded by them as pressure. Certainly one thing: Whatever you call it — the conditions, requirements, suggestions — and without successive positive steps by the authorities this dialogue can not move forward and not may lead to the restoration of special guest status in PACE for the Belarusian parliament. "
Andrea Rigoni, PACE Rapporteur on Belarus — discussion about PACE on the Belarusian issue and befitting the PACE resolution.
"1. — They threw snowballs at me.
— Since snow is not it?
— Was little snow on the lawns …
2nd — Where were you at the time?
— About vehicles.
— And where was the vehicles?
— Well, where we transport.
— And where was the vehicle?
— About me.
3rd — What did Krivoy during detention?
— Shouted anti-state motto "Long Live Belarus" and interfered with the work of transport.
— Which made it difficult to transport it?
— …Everything.
Fourth — You beheld demonstrators zbivali cops?
— Yes. I beheld, as fell cap … (Ambiguous pause). "

Blogger v-mariamna.livejournal.com / — on eyewitness testimony on "during 14 years."
"This shirt shows what we have practically judged. We are judged specifically for the love of Belarus, for the fact that we do not care what’s going on here with our people and our state."
Koipish Anton, one of the defendants on the "process of 14", which, like some other defendants, came to the Tribunal in the shirt with the words "I Love Belarus".
"But in real life you need to avoid impurities. Positions in the public and in public affairs should be avoided Russia. It unavenged blood of millions of Belarusians, and it should always be kept in mind."
Zenon Pozniak, chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF — of appeal to the defendants on the "process of 14".
"It will be carried out in Spartan criteria. And we have previously say that female delegates and delegates who are over 60 are entitled to a place where you can sit. All others will stand. But the vast majority of members of the council pronounced:" We have been experiencing and so on. We experienced inequitable political convictions Klimov, Kudinov, Chigir, Starovoitova — people who were sitting not weeks, not months, but years. And it will survive. "
Anatoly Lebedko, chairman of the United Civil Party — Party on zezdu in pyamyashkanni BPF.
"The only special aspect — is that Putin leads the party, but does not enter into it. As mentioned in the joke, I’m not a party member, I am her brain."
Vadim Dubnov, a Russian journalist — the consent of Vladimir Putin to head the party "United Our homeland". Tags: quote of the week

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