Upgrade U.S. nuclear arsenal

Upgrade U.S. nuclear arsenal
Despite the reduction in military spending, Washington had spent a huge amount going on modernization of outdated nuclear arsenal, writes in a Sun newspaper «Washington Post».
Price applets modernization is not officially disclosed, but the Washington-based research center Stimson believes that maintenance and upgrade arsenal of 5,113 warheads and for improvement of the whole complex of nuclear weapons within 10 years it will be necessary had spent more than 352 billion U.S. dollars.
«Washington Post» citing U.S. officials wrote that in order to have time to modernize the arsenal before he quite outdated, the update utility will want to start by the end of next year.
The publication notes that modernization alone B-61 bombs within 5 years will take 10 billion dollars, and for the modernization of more 2-type bombs will need 5 billion. Upgrade laboratories and research centers to Washington for 10 years would have to had spent more than 88 billion. But the most expensive part is the construction of modernization programs from 12 nuclear submarines for the substitution class submarines «Ohio». It will take about 110 billion, the newspaper said.

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