Ural Plant equipment: contracts with the Federal Security Service, the Interior Ministry, the export to the Republic of Venezuela

  • ATZ-15 MAZ 631705-244-700
  • ATZ-15 MAZ 631705-244-700

ATZ-15 MAZ 631705-244-700

New Automobile-sha MAZ

In the line of capacitive technology produced at the Ural factory machinery, a new volume of 15 m3na Automobile-MAZ. This machine comes in an export contract in the Republic Venesuela.Shassi MAZ well established, working in a variety of climatic conditions, including tropical latitudes.


  • APP is made on KAMAZ-5350
  • APP is made on KAMAZ-5350

  Automobile-for the Federal Security Service

Another batch of equipment for gos.sluzhby leaves the Ural factory machinery.

Automobile-new two-piece for the FSC rolled off the production line of the Ural plant machinery. Upscale machines meet all the requirements of the customer. APP is made on KAMAZ-5350 chassis with a diesel engine emission class Euro 4. Each section is equipped with a self-priming, vortex pump EHV-80A, 7.5 kW. In the Bay of nodes issuing petroleum tools installed in explosion-proof lighting. Compartment door assemblies issue of petroleum products have rubber seals to ensure protection of the installed inside the equipment from dust and precipitation.

Ural plant machinery cares about the quality of equipment and provides excellent service to its customers. And also guarantees the correct operation of specialized equipment and the quality of the coating for 12 months.

  • ATZ 7.5 chassis Ural 5557
  • ATZ 7.5 chassis Ural 5557

Large lot of ATZ 7.5 chassis Ural 5557 for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ural plant machinery produced a large shipment of bowsers specifically for the Ministry of the Interior.

The credibility of the Ministry of Interior for special equipment made at the Ural factory machinery accident. All the equipment that comes from the production line is thoroughly checked and tested. Strict adherence to terms of manufacturing technology without compromising quality — the main task of the Ural plant machinery.

ATZ 7.5 chassis Ural 5557 with engine emission class Euro 4 are intended — for transportation, short-term storage and refueling armored vehicles filtered fuel. All vehicles meet all government standards and regulations on the safety of wheeled vehicles.

ATZ-7 ,5-5557 provides all the required operations:

  • filling armored vehicles from its tank product, free from contamination, open way;
  • filling and emptying tanks own pump;
  • content (lower and upper way) and emptying the tank outsider pump (pump is not part of the bowsers);
  • pumping their own fuel pump, bypassing your tank;
  • delivery of fuel from the tank, bypassing decontamination facilities and the tools of the product to be dispensed;
  • pumping product from pressure hose;
  • emptying the tank by gravity;
  • Drain the product of slop tanks and areas of cleaning product from contamination;
  • pumping product into the tank of the hoses after filling armored vehicles;
  • mixing the product in its own cistern;
  • registration issued by the product;
  • issue of fuel from a docked (in operation in the sample train) motor-tanks (including filling armored vehicles).

As part of the process equipment includes:

  • tank elliptical cross-section;
  • pressure-suction hose;
  • Hand-arm with Nozzles;
  • cleaning agents;
  • pump installation;
  • process piping system with taps and valves.

The special equipment includes:

  • removal device straits;
  • fire fighting;
  • Device and system for signaling and preventing accidents;
  • equipment for removing static electricity.

The equipment (vehicles) and control modes of working operations includes:

  • instrumentation;
  • management regimes work operations

In accordance with the requirements of the base chassis cab and the tank is painted in green — khaki matt color.

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