Ural Turbine Works produced a second steam turbine for CHP Novobereznikovskaya

In the framework of the priority investment projects of JSC "IES" construction Novobereznikovskaya TPS, on the Ural Turbine Plant finished making a second steam turbine T-40/50-8, 8. Steam turbines UTZ with General Electric gas turbines will form the basis of a new power plant — combined-cycle plant with total capacity of 230 MW. 
Characteristics of steam turbine UTZ: power each — 40.2 MW speed — 3000 rpm; steam consumption — 165 tons / hour.
Factory testing of turbines were successful, its delivery to the construction site Novobereznikovskaya CHP is expected in September 2013.

Currently in Berezniki already delivered most of the basic equipment of the future station. Primarily, this gas turbine model 6FA (80 MW each) made at the factory General Electric. The site also block transformers are produced by "Togliatti Transformer" turbo-TF-50 from NPO "Elsib." Completed delivery of steam boilers E-25 and E-16 rate of 25 and 16 tons / hour, respectively, and two waste heat boilers for the power of PGU-115.

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