Uralelectromed (Sverdlovsk region). Increases the production of tellurium up to 40 tonnes per year

In the chemical and metallurgical shop "Uralelectromed" opened a new production site tellurium. Tellurium is widely used in electronics and semiconductor technology, the chemical industry and metallurgy.

At the moment there is being commissioned works, practiced manufacturing operations and the work of the automatic control. The first production at the site will be done in two months. The cost of the project amounted to 105 million rubles. As a result, "Uralelectromed" will be able to expand the production of tellurium from 30 to 40 tons per year.

To increase productivity and improve working conditions at the new site and an automated control system. All actions are performed by the operator via the touch screen monitor which process is displayed in real time. In addition, integrated into the process flow ventilation system will allow us to remove aerosols and staff will provide fresh air.

In a solemn ceremony to mark the opening of a new production facility was attended by CEO Andrew Kozitsin UMMC and director of "Uralelectromed" Vladimir Kolotushkin.

"The opening of this section is included in the program of activities to expand mederafinirovochnyh capacity. With the organization of land at the new location "Uralelectromed" will not only increase the production of tellurium, but also free up space for the reconstruction of the other branches of the chemical and metallurgical plant-related technological chain with the department for the electrolysis of copper ", — said Andrei Kozitsin. He also noted that the new location and the new equipment production of tellurium get a second life.
— On the site was originally implemented a system of lean production, the director of "Uralelectromed" Vladimir Kolotushkin — It is used in units of the enterprise is not the first year and has already proven its effectiveness.

The project was launched in October 2011. During this period, construction and assembly work, installed major equipment: wet grinding mill, leach, modern filter-press, electrowinning baths, reactors perechistki tellurium ventilation system.

Preparation tellurium — a complex process that involves several steps. The product of processing copper electrolysis — Electrolytic Copper sludge — arrive in chemical and metallurgical plant and undergo surgery decoppering, drying and melting. The resulting slag sodistye is wet milling and leaching. Telluride was purified from impurities and spend electrowinning to produce rough tellurium. The final stage — it perechistka telluride using a reducing agent in an alkaline environment. The result is a technical tellurium.

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