Urengoyskaya preparing to launch a CCP-450


The works on start-up and commissioning of a gas turbine power plant Urengoyskaya. The general contractor for the construction of acts of "Tekhnopromexport." The company "Enrima" was the complex of commissioning of the equipment control system. The structure unit includes 2 gas turbine GTE-160, 2 turbo SGen5-100A Siemens, 130 MW steam turbine, a heat recovery boiler. Expanding capacity Urengoyskaya TPP will improve the reliability of the power system of the Tyumen region and create conditions for social and economic development of the city and the region. 

The very air Urengoi GRES seems filled with joyful anticipation. Each test brings historic moment — the launch of a new installation. While for some of its components have not yet removed the protective film, and hands instruments froze at zero, but slight fever prelaunch expectations covers everyone — young workers, and veterans of the enterprise. Vyacheslav now confident that all twenty-four years of work at the station, he was waiting for this moment.
The present level of energy — combined cycle gas turbine — shines fresh metallic sheen gives the impression of even size, and when running, hit capacity — 450 MW be added to the existing modest 25. The building of new power from a distance looks like a birthday cake, which arrived in time in time — to the twenty-fifth predpritiya.



Dmitry Pronkin, Director of "Urengoyskoye of Capital Construction" Company "INTER RAO Engineering": "Typically, the station building in blue or red colors, such as Noyabr'sk. Here we just resorted to golden yellow to on snow background, it looked like the bright sun. Come winter, you'll see how beautiful this building shine. It can be seen even before turning to Limbyayakha. "

In permafrost for the first time by installation of this level. It is unique in including especially sensitive to the environment. If the gas turbine give out 300-400 degree heat, the boiler cycle allows you to convert most of the temperature in the extra power. And the water that station, taking away from the lake to the back, comes warm — this patch of ice does not happen even in the winter, but clean, this is followed by a chemical plant, veterans who pass experience for young professionals. The influx of new staff to the company — an indicator of its viability.



Each test brings the power plant to the historical moment. The station, changing externally and internally, much of the past leaves only a memory. The famous pipe, without which no cost Limbyayakha landscape, its last legs. With the commissioning of a new combined-cycle plant, it will cease to exist and remain in the past Urengoyskaya power plant, and the station waiting for a new modern future.

Power plant is being built for the workers and comfortable accommodation in the village of Limbyayakha.







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