Ust-Ilim airport is ready to resume work

  • AN-28
  • AN-28

The air route is restored. In August, the Ust-Ilimsk begin the first flights. Now the local airfield record, the runway is upgraded.

  Ust-Ilim airport found its new owner. Its fate is now in the response the city. Flights stopped here in 2002. Of the terminal building there were only walls. However, the runway, according to Deputy Minister of Housing, Energy and Transport of Arthur Suleimenova, in perfect condition. And it can be used now. In addition, the application for the strip Rosaviaciya supported operating practices.

— Given the fact that there is no airport — it will collapse completely. Decided to install trailers. Trailers must be set on August 10. And after 10 August, we plan to resume the flights that have not performed for more than 11 years — said Deputy Minister of Housing, Energy and Transport of the Irkutsk region Artur Suleimanov.

The length of the runway reduced threefold. For small aircraft that will be enough, according to local authorities. First of Ust-Ilimska will open flights to Irkutsk. Later flights are planning to carry out Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Ulan-Ude.

— Today, we focus on the part of the runway measuring 1,100 meters for the reception of ships, having the ability to visual landing. This is such machines as "AN-28", "AN-38", "Tsesna-Caravan" and "A-410-D" — said the mayor of Ust-Ilimska Vladimir Tashkinov.

While Airport Ust-Ilimska in the state register of civil airports of the country is not a member. It will take a lot of time. Now it is registered as a landing pad. Meanwhile Tariff Service calculates exactly which aircraft will transport passengers. The ticket will cost no more than travel in sleeping car — about 4500 rubles.

  • No airport - it will collapse completely
  • No airport — it will collapse completely 

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