Ust-Katavsky Carriage Works has released a new model low-floor cars.

A new model of tram car — 71-631 prepared for testing. Six-axle articulated car with low floor will be used for high speed and conventional rail lines.
Technical specifications and parameters provide a comfortable tram travel for passengers with children, people with disabilities, lower power consumption and longer operating time between overhauls of the car. Also car is equipped with navigation equipment (ASMPP) GLONASS (GPS).

"So it became known that in the near future car should go to the factory acceptance test and in the nearby town of Zlatoust. There are fine-tuning the car will engage specialists of JSC Canopus (developers of electrical equipment.) After the test, the car will be sent to the customer in Kiev (Ukraine Republic).

The car is developed on the basis of serial 71-623 of the car, taking into account the comments on the first six-axle wagon experienced 71-630 who is in Moscow. However, it introduced several new and nodes. Thus, the traction motors used trucks Czech production capacity of 125 kW and Czech motors. First used doors and door operators in Finland. The share of low sex in the car 65% due to the application in the middle of the support truck. The first car produced in the unilateral execution. "Source

About the plant:
Ust-Katavsky Carriage Works named after SM Kirov — the oldest company in Russia, founded in 1758. The company has a century of experience in the creation of rolling stock. The first tram cars out of the workshops of the factory in 1901. More than half a century Carriage Works is a major supplier of tram cars on the market of Russia and CIS countries.

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