UTZ turbine for ships Abakan CHP

 Photo source:utz.ru

Ural Turbine Works completes the shipment of the new turbine T-120/136-12 ,8-8MO designed to Abakan CHP JSC "Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)". This turbine will be the basis new energy unit of Abakan CHP, with the launch of its total capacity of the plant is expected to increase to 390 MW.

Before you start shipping at the end of November 2011 on the assembly stand Ural Turbine Plant operation took place on valopovorote scroll turbine shafting T-120/136-12 ,8-8MO.

This operation, which was also attended by representatives of the customer, is the final stage of manufacturing turbines, and is performed to verify the absence of grazing in the complete flow of the turbine in closed cylinders. The Customer Representatives of companies "Sibirenergoizhiniring" branch "Abakan CHP" JSC "Yenisei TGC (TGC-13), JSC" Sibirenergoremont. " After the tests carried out by the parties signed the act to end the turbine assembly bench.

Part of the new turbine units already delivered to Abakan. Complete delivery is scheduled to end in December 2011.

Equipment deliveries open the next stage in the implementation of the investment project to build a new power Abakan CHP.

Commissioning of the new unit will increase electricity production by 700-900 million kWh per year, and significantly improve the reliability of power supply in the region. The growth of thermal power will permit the heat more than 500 square meters. feet of living space, so that will be a real implementation of the program in the future development of Abakan north and south.

Currently, Abakan CHP, a member of JSC "Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)", has an installed electric capacity — 270 MW and the installed thermal capacity of 625 Gcal / h Previously, the station was delivered two cogeneration steam turbine production UTZ (TMZ) with a capacity of 110 MW, in 1989 and 1985.

To date, Abakan CHP is the largest energy enterprises of the Republic of Khakassia and a major supplier of thermal energy for the city of Abakan. It provides heat to more than 90% of consumers of housing and communal sector of the city. Among the other major consumer of thermal energy — industrial enterprises of "Ayan" and JSC "Abakanvagonmash."

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