V.Frolov: Georgia into NATO will accept. But with Ukraine — questions

U.S. President George W. Bush during his visit to Kiev said that the days of the NATO summit in Bucharest to support the accession of Ukraine and Georgia to the action plan aimed at membership of these countries into NATO. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko confirmed that only NATO ensures the security of the country.
Ukrainian favorite condemned sample block traffic Ukraine into NATO by the country, which, according to Yushchenko, "not even a member of the alliance." This refers to our homeland, which Tipo agrees to place parts of a U.S. missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland in exchange for a promise from Washington not to touch the Ukraine. How to relate to this dilemma in Belarus?
Belarus criticizes the management approach of NATO to the southern borders of the country. But whether this neighborhood carries a real danger to Belarus? Here are the thoughts expressed policy, whose fate in time was closely interwoven with the Armed Forces.
P. Kozlowski: "Ukraine will be decisive for the referendum"

Previous Belarusian Defense Minister Colonel-General Pavel Kozlovsky:

"If Belarus will act according to the Constitution, the government is building a nuclear-free neutral, then no threat, it would seem, for Belarus. But another thing is how things will develop action geopolitically? On the one hand — the European security system, on the other — the eastward expansion of NATO. Here is something very difficult to predict. For Ukraine, for example, the danger is that the government may split into two parts, and the impetus for this will be just the Ukraine’s entry into NATO. Although Yushchenko yesterday promised that there will be a national referendum on this issue . A foreshadow how things will develop actions with regard to Belarus, for which, it would seem no great danger, or for around the world, how it will respond to our homeland, China, India and other majestic powers who are against such promotion in the East — it’s a difficult question. "
Member of the House of Representatives the previous convocation, Maj.-Gen. Valery Frolov:

Cyargey Skrabets and Valery Frolov (right)"Belarus special joy it will bring. We usually had the attitude, even at the level of ordinary people about NATO — not entirely positive, to be honest. Unfortunately, the realities that showed NATO, including in relation to Yugoslavia, somehow not set up for life-affirming way. Unfortunately, an organization that currently being strongly little obeys UN and various international organizations and decide on the basis of first mood and desire of the United States. And they are always certain mood and pretty tough. ‘Cause it should be no fun. "
Reporter: "What do you think: Will Ukraine and Georgia to NATO?"
"I think Georgia — yes. There’s still a small-sized republic governed when excluding Abkhazia and South Ossetia. But with Ukraine, I think, is still a lot of problems. And if indeed referendum is held, it does not rule out that the majority of population would vote against NATO. "
V. Nistuk: "Our homeland Belarus and also make a military alliance"
Retired lieutenant colonel Vladimir Nistuk in recent years his own military service, he served in the rocket-technical troops. Missile weapon with nuclear warheads — the main factor in the bargaining between states in the sphere of influence:
"There is as optimum and sensitive components. Emotional that all Tipo trying to construct against Russia some latest military system. Allegedly, in response to what was once the Warsaw contract was canceled, should not the United States and its partners to increase their capacity in Europe.
And if you read correctly, the funds now have weapons, for which there are no contingent thousand kilometers, even there is no global challenges. If need be, in any point of the earth will be delivered to an instrument that will bring a very huge problem one way or another country.
Because geopolitics — this one, in any of the geopolitics of fighting for its impact, for their economic prospects. And in terms of warfare do not see problems. Even more so if the talk about the sensual side, our homeland, creating an alliance with Belarus, also started building the latest military-political structure. Available because confrontation is more about diplomacy, political and economic problems. "
Last chief medical service of the Head of Staff of the Armed Forces, Colonel Vladimir Myalyushka to events around Ukraine has its own enthusiasm:
"I myself am a Ukrainian, I live in Belarus. Closely monitor these issues and I wish to say, people of Ukraine does not want to. This policy work, Bush is working on a split of the former USSR.
And that is not clear? Now they vlezut NATO, there will position its nuclear warheads, other tools. This is a real danger! Currently in Poland, the Czech Republic have, and this is only the beginning. Well put also in Ukraine. And if war breaks out, there will be neither Ukraine nor Belarus or Russia.
And what is happening at the moment, then Bush, of course, do not care. He does not consider the views of either France or Germany in this regard. He dictates the policy. Who will be a meeting in Bucharest, they draw Ukraine into NATO. And what next? Sanctions in response. Of the total contract will Our homeland, Crimea from Sevastopol to depart of, and begin to weaken further in the state. Ukraine will block gas and oil. Adrezanue all. Yushchenko and Tymoshenko swept away. People will sweep them himself. And later, and Bush is not eternal: it peravyberuts in November — and all "

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