V.Semashko: Sanctions do not significantly affect the work of companies

The present application concerns of the U.S. Treasury "Lakokraska", JSC "Polotsk-glass" and the Belarusian Oil Trading House. The assets of these companies, if they are found in the U.S., will be frozen, South American nationals are prohibited from having business dealings with these companies.
First Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said in an interview with Interfax that the new U.S. sanctions did not significantly affect the work of Belarusian companies. Deputy Prime Minister, but said that as a result of U.S. sanctions on 3 Belarusian companies "appear certain difficulties, including the need to diversify their supplies its own products."
Sovereign Semashko said that Belarus has taken preventive measures to businesses and labor groups are not affected.
According to the first deputy prime minister, these sanctions are more affected "Fiberglass", because in the U.S. there were significant sales of products of the enterprise as a percentage. But these products need other global markets.
Earlier, in an interview with "Reuters" Chairman of the State Bank of Belarus Prokopovich acknowledged that "sanctions imposed by the U.S. against the Belarusian" Belneftekhim "concern, applied image-harm Belarus and scare potential investors." According Prokopovich, "the introduction of U.S. sanctions against the" Belneftekhim "- the question itself is petty, but investors who have heard about it, it is clear thinking. Everybody expects what it will end."
How significant harm caused to the present and can cause new U.S. sanctions? Outlook economist Alexander Chubrik:
"It is hard to disagree with that Prakapovich branding to harm. Regarding real harm, if we just have a look at the official statistics on the growth rate of exports of petroleum products (this is important, that could impact on sanctions), we see that this growth has accelerated very . It seems to me that "Belneftekhim" could be turned out, even if the sanctions on him somehow influenced.
I think that the new sanctions — the result of alternate positions Yankees: they promised that adopt them, and they entered them. Whether it will have an economic impact? I think that it will not, not counting those which read Prokopovych. I think there is a certain exit from this situation. The fact that part of the oil that was exported to the United States, of course, was exported via the Netherlands, and, certainly, it was done by other companies — not "Belneftekhim". Because, I think, the economic effect of U.S. sanctions small. "
According to political analyst views Andrei Fedorov, and now not to join the European Union South American sanctions:
"Based on the fact that the South American representatives in Minsk and Washington two weeks reversed had read that the sanctions will continue, we can imagine that it truly is a specific extension of economic sanctions against the" Belneftekhim "and his companies. While obviously no one can not say how it will cause severe damage to Belarus as bolshennymi Belarusian side will be lost, but I believe that, in any case, the answer is quite sharp Minsk. can judge this from the fact that it was Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview, "Royterz" a day or two back, even more so, as we know, in Belarus there is no great economic dependence on the United States. Belarusian And management is not very afraid of these particular sanctions. faster It fears the consequences. ‘Cause I think the answer will be tough enough. And, unfortunately , to the results expected by the United States, in other words before the release of political prisoners, the sanctions are unlikely to lead.
I believe that no response from the European Union will not. As for Moscow, the situation is, in my opinion, more difficult. Earlier, as we know, she did not respond to the Belarusian-American confrontation, but I do not exclude that the reaction now still will. However, if she is, so it seems to me, still verbal. I do not think Our homeland that go to some certain steps against the United States. "
Social Democratic politician Statkevich refers to the South American response expected. In his view, the Belarusian authorities to use sanctions to improve their own species in the eyes of the Belarusian and Russian populations in particular:
"Certainly, sanctions expected. Majestic power was do something, if it is substantially in the face spat: Embassy kicked. Another thing, if it’s at great harm to the Belarusian authorities. Economically huge damage will not be the last time. These sanctions could be sick if they were joined by Europe, but she did not join them.
But at the same time is a definite negative signal to potential investors. Belarusian authorities in all these sanctions and diplomatic war games with the United States has a big plus — it is an opportunity to appeal to the Russian society: "You see, we are at war with your opponent, and you give us — a knife in the back, the price of oil and gas lift." So these sanctions Belarusian authorities do not frighten, but the interpretation is that this enemy steps intrigues, etc.
I believe that the Russian public will accept these appeals positively to say: "well done, do not fear these aches Yankees ambassadors expelled, and so they need to be our case." And the idea of driving the elites of Russia will be consistency with the approval of exasperation are things with America multifaceted, they contain and quarrels, and trade, and agreements, and "this is still intermeddle with his neuvvyazkami."
Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski draws attention to the fact, against whom targeted sanctions:
"These sanctions — continued earlier. And as I know, those previous sanctions are targeted against the coming president’s circle. Specifically people there receive income from these companies. According to the explanations of the American representatives, these sanctions do not affect the interests of ordinary Belarusians, and affect a certain part of windfall officials close to the head of Belarus. If so, the sanctions will be applicable.
At the official Minsk little leverage here for the answer. Expulsion of diplomats — is demonstrative gesture. Suppose. Now that the Belarusian authorities to confine ordinary philippics in the address of the American authorities. But this is unconvincing, including for ordinary people. Ordinary Belarusians believe that America does not need to quarrel. "
Ministry of money the U.S. in mid-November last year rebuked South American citizens and firms to work with representatives of the company "Belneftekhim" in Europe, Russia and China, also with the company "Belneftekhim USA", which is located in the United States.
By March, 6 on the website of the Ministry of money U.S. sanctions affected only explanation consulate "Belneftekhim" and its subsidiaries. Since March scope of U.S. sanctions was vserasprostranena almost all Belarusian enterprises of petrochemical complex in a little bit of country, more than 50%.
"U.S. citizens who support or have to deal with business entities in which" Belneftekhim "has directly or indirectly, with a little bit of 50% and more, should be aware that such property entities and interests in them will be blocked," — said in a clarification of the Ministry money from March 6, 2008.

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