V.Silitsky: Hugo Chavez envy Lukashenko

These questions are answered political analyst Vitaly Silitski.
Tsigankov: "The next step of the Belarusian side — I can find it in the graduation of international relations How it unprecedented? What could be more — not break diplomatic relations?"

Will not rupture because it does not currently interested USA

Silitski: "Rip will not, because this is not currently interested in the United States. They demonstrate that I wish that the embassy in Minsk remained. All thought that now, after the expected decision of the Belarusian authorities, the United States closed its embassy in Minsk, but this is not Timeout. Regarding graduation — in the world happened and worse. Sometimes that captured the South American embassy and held hostages in Iran. "
Tsigankov: "Either you find some political logic of these actions of the Belarusian authorities — not counting behavior understandable logic of" an eye for an eye "?
Withilitski: "This is a demonstration of belief in their own abilities — and it is very crucial for Minsk. At low economic losses they have great branding fruit! Practically turn out a South American embassy — currently Lukashenko grow in popularity not only in the midst of certain circles in Russia, and in the midst of anti-American leftism Worldwide. "

Just hurt each other — and a day or agenda does not change dramatically

Tsigankov: "Chavez will be jealous?"
Silitski: "Absolutely! He more closely with the U.S. economic affairs, and he lives with this, and have to be restrained. Currently, the Belarusian side had found the means to minimize the effects of the sanctions, the South American side will find ways to continue its work on exporting democracy — just will work through other embassies. Ultimately just hurt each other — and a day or agenda will not change dramatically. "
Tsigankov: "But if the parties really, as they say, want to improve relations, how is it really? Some do not release political prisoners and others — do not lift sanctions. Leaves dead end?"
Silitski: "Certainly, you are right, so be it."
Tsigankov: "Deadlock at what time?"
Silitski: "At least, not yet completed the terms of political prisoners. Either while they do not have to let go of any other circumstances, for example, because of the position of the European Union."

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