V.Stankevich: We do not want to, so distant from the European Union of Belarus

October 21 in Vilnius passed the first public consultation "Belarus in the European Neighbourhood handbills" in which took part the representatives of diplomatic missions of the EU, the European institutions, the deputies of the Lithuanian Seimas, experts, representatives of the Belarusian public organizations.

Expert Consultant Project Applets Neighbourhood European Commission Tatiana Poshevalova, Sejm deputy Vaclav Stankevich, representative office of the European Commission Janis Aizsalnieks
Managing Agency and the Centre for Humanitarian Technologies social innovations, political scientist Matskevich reads as follows:

"At the present day, and fundamentally very significantly induce and maintain a dialogue not only at the top level politicians, and between the various think tanks, non-governmental organizations, as well as the current situation with Belarus is very difficult, and it is — a challenge for Europe: there are absolutely current processes, because Belarus — the only country that does not go to the Council of Europe, has no relations and specific policy harmonization with the European Union and other European institutions. "
Lithuanian parliament deputy, chairman of the parliamentary group for relations with Belarus Vaclav Stankevich said that Lithuania already in the period of 3 years against Belarus occupies a formal position at the EU level:

Vaclav Statkevich gives interview to "Radio Liberty" Inna Studinskay
"It is necessary to maintain a dialogue with the opposition as well as with power, certainly. And it’s not just because at the moment the authorities have made a real positive steps towards the EU. Also, we must realize that Belarus — a European country, and if we will not support a dialogue with the official authorities, I — as the inhabitant of Lithuania, we — the coming neighbors Belarus hate wish that Belarus moved away from the European Union. And we litsezreem here is friendship, sorry, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and we do not want to lose Belarus ".
On Sunday in Lithuania will host the second round of parliamentary elections. Or not change attention Lithuanian deputies official Vilnius to Belarus? Vaclav Stankevich answered the question:
"Cardinal configurations will not, I am convinced of this. After all, the Conservatives, and the Social Democrats, and members of other political parties, the strategic goal is similar: to keep us very fundamentally Belarus as a sovereign government is independent with its own language and with their own culture."
The representative of the European Commission office in Belarus Janis Aizsalnieks spoke on "EU policy towards Belarus: the transition to cooperation and discrepancies." Managing the Department of Political Analysis Center research in Eastern Europe Laurynas Yonavichyus told about actual and preferred relationship between Belarus and Europe.
It is understood that such meetings will take place in several European countries: in the near term — November 4 in Poland, and later in Germany, Denmark and Holland.

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