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Requirements of the Belarusian side says member of the House of Representatives Vasily Khrol:
"We build a real customs union now does not fit availability duties on Russian oil for Belarus, tariff restrictions on the supply of Belarusian sugar to Russia, and the unpredictability of market prices energoelementov jeopardizes achievement of the planned performance. We had read on equal conditions to economic entities allied countries. Earlier, the price of gas was $ 50 for a thousand cubic meters, at the moment was the eighth 100 20 And next year, if we start from the current formula calculations, it is a 200 bucks. What kind of real union government, which real cooperation in the field of economics it is? "

Salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov recalls the transition to market prices energoelementov Belarus began almost exclusively in the past year. Well, at the moment they are far enough from the global, which corresponds to the adaptation policy of the Belarusian economy to market conditions. And Our homeland for these benefits for Belarusians agreed:
"Apparently it was the right decision in 2007 to take stock more significant economic base for the Federal Government. Translation And in this situation, our relations in the prices of energoelementy the competitive market or form."
Secretary of state of so-called Union of Belarus and Russia Pavel Borodin also states on market prices:

"We need all of us, in including and Belarusians cross on world prices. "
When the official policy of Moscow and Minsk assure the usefulness of so-called allied countries, as the name argument sizes mutual trade turnover between Belarus and Russia.
They grow every year. Yes, and there is not so great. Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of Belarus and the Russian Federation Oleg Tolkachev notes that although absolute numbers really grow, the pace of trade growth over the last two years of decline.
Managing analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk clarifies the latest situation:
"First trend — Belarusian products become less competitive in the Russian market. Second trend — the competitiveness of the Russian market is growing, and the Russians, who are better off, become more sverhtehnologichny products from other countries."

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