Vasilevich displeasing apartment on the day of service

Representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office noted: "No respective reactions and side bodies Interior the facts of use of premises for the purpose of keeping a brothel molestation, alcoholism and gambling. "
Real estate agencies not to rent apartments for short term
Rent an apartment in town bolshennom poses no prepyadstviya. A huge number of ads located in specialized newspapers and on Internet sites, on the outskirts of stations can always meet grandmothers offering B or "rooms" for an hour or two. Prices after various nighttime in "bunkhouse" the station apartments can cost 10 thousand rubles, and rental apartments on the day, in the Avenue Favorites costs from $ 50 per person.
Real estate agencies not to rent apartments for a short term. Representative of a real estate offices reads:
"Such dwellings are private traders. It is somehow not serious, but imagine how much this work, a lot of the legwork. It only needs to do this and only this is kept under control. Because it is such a personal thing, it’s grandmothers themselves make. Although I have friends agents that they say: if someone comes and you must carefully, we will find. And you can find if always looking for something. "
One sleeper — from 56 thousand rubles
Apartments for short term visitors or removed, or couples looking for a corner in order to be alone.
My call immediately offered two apartments in Park CHelyuskincev.
"There is a studio apartment. How will you? Pair or two beds are needed? I ask, as there are also flat with 2 separate beds. According to the price tag — one berth in the Park CHelyuskincev day will cost 56 thousand rubles. All depends on whether there will be a free apartment and how much there is in fact a man. "
Reporter: "How long in advance you need to say?"
"Certainly not. You call specifically on the day when you may need. Here and there in an hour. And I say to you: there is something suitable for you in the area or not. "
There is an opportunity to legalize
Emperor Alexei long time engaged in that rented an apartment on the day. As the, had revenue of "decent but irregular." Slightly earlier Alex decided to legalize their own part time:
"You go to the VES, gettin paper later in this paper — to the tax. Registruessya there, and you give a paper from the tax office, which account every month you need to transfer the required amount.
It all depends on where the apartment is located. In other words, is dependent on the Meters and location of the house. I, for example, near the metro, because I pay half the basic values now — 52 500 rubles. You can also pay for the year ahead. Then you will not have any influence increase of the base value. Even if it changes, you pay once and all. And if you pay every month, it must hunt down the baselines and in which case pay extra. "
On the web site of the General Prosecutor’s Office placed a sheet Grigory Vasilevich, which calls on the Government to take urgent action against uncontrolled "trade" living quarters for a number of days or hours for the day. Formally, the emperor wrote Vasilevich, the legislation establishes the right of the owners and tenants of residential premises rent, homes and personal assets of the municipal residential premises other citizens under employment contracts.
Constitutional Court of Belarus, which once ruled today Attorney General, last year saw the issue of the legal regulation of relations connected with the surrender of individuals living quarters for concise residence. The Constitutional Tribunal has then proposed to the Council of Ministers to resolve the matter of putting the premises to other citizens for a small period. But, this problem has not been solved so far.

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